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Chapter 989: Twilight City (7)

The night shrouded Twilight City, only the light crystals by the roadside illuminated the streets.

The citizens of Twilight City did not like the nightlife.

Perhaps it was because they did not come from the same country, but they preferred to stay in their rooms and rest early.

This was an excellent opportunity.

Shen Yanxiaos dexterous figure dashed across the streets like a cat.

The mini dragon insisted on following her, but she tied it up and strapped it onto her table.

As a professional thief, even though Shen Yanxiao had not taken action for a long time, she still had not forgotten about her talent as a thief.

Very soon, she locked onto a few wealthy merchants in Twilight City.

In the cities of the Forsaken Land, many merchants from various countries could be seen stationed, and many of them would store their money in a storeroom.

Due to it being inconvenient, it was difficult to deposit money into a bank at the first instance of a transaction.

This was definitely good news for Shen Yanxiao.

Shen Yanxiao barely exerted any effort and managed to fish out a considerable sum of money from several storerooms.

This kind of method, which was similar to taking something out of ones pocket, was of no challenge at all.

However, Shen Yanxiao was smart enough not to steal from the City Lords Mansion.

Even though she was confident that she would not be discovered, as she had the Moonlight Crystal to conceal her aura, who knew what was going on in the City Lords Mansion That Redflame Beast was described as mysterious by Nangong Mengmeng, so it was better to avoid getting involved in potentially troublesome matters.


Shen Yanxiao looked at her interspatial ring that was stuffed to the brim and the smile on her face could not be concealed.

The merchants in the Forsaken Land were much richer than the merchants in other places.

The money they had was all placed in their storeroom.

In such a situation, she easily took whatever she saw.

Shen Yanxiao, who had just returned from a rewarding escapade, returned to her room to change her clothes.

Looking at the mini dragon that was tied up like a dumpling on the table, Shen Yanxiao picked it up with a smile and slowly undid its bindings.

“Guji!! Guji! Gu!!” The mini dragon instantly exploded!!

It flapped its small wings and circled around the table in anger.

If not for the fact that it could not fly, it would have dashed toward Shen Yanxiao.

Shen Yanxiao calmly sat on the chair and slapped it on the table.


“Wuu… wuu…” The mini dragon was beaten unjustly by a certain someones unscrupulous claws.

However, it was still too small, causing its resistance to be futile.

“Stop arguing and go to sleep.” Shen Yanxiao stretched.

Earlier on, she was in a good mood to go out and in the process, she earned some quick bucks, but it was getting late.

Regardless of whether the mini dragon protested or not, Shen Yanxiao carried it to her bed.

Even though there was a shortage of rooms in the attic, everyone had secretly reached a consensus to leave a separate room for Shen Yanxiao.

Even Nangong Mengmeng did not want to snatch a bed from Shen Yanxiao and was willing to squeeze into a bed with a few girls who were in charge of logistics.

Lying alone in the warm bed, Shen Yanxiao fell asleep with satisfaction.

It was a peaceful night.

For a certain unscrupulous thief, it was a happy night.

However, for some wealthy merchants, everything that happened that night would become their eternal nightmare.

The next morning, while Shen Yanxiao was still asleep, Twilight City went into an uproar.

The families of dozens merchants in the city had been robbed inhumanely, and more than half of the gold coins in the storeroom had been stolen.

Furthermore, the night patrol team had no clue on who might the thief be.

What depressed them the most was that this unscrupulous thief was quite principled when she stole.

Every family was siphoned two-thirds of their total gold coins, leaving them with only one-third of their original wealth.

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