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Chapter 980: Four Regions Tournament (3)

“As far as I know, the City Lord of Twilight City possesses a mythical beast.

However, he is still young and his personal strength seems to only be at the level of an Advanced-level Professional.

Combined together, our City Lord has the highest chance of winning.” Du Lang had investigated thoroughly.

Be it personal strength or magical beast, Geng Di was incapable of contending against Shen Yanxiao.

Even though Long Feis personal strength was on par with Shen Yanxiao, he fell short in terms of magical beast.

The mythical beast of the Blizzard Mercenary Group had been inherited by Long Xueyao and Long Fei only possessed an advanced magical beast.

As for the one from Twilight City, even though he had a mythical beast, his personal strength was inferior to Shen Yanxiao.

No matter how they looked at it, the chance of Shen Yanxiao winning was the highest.

“The rest will be the team battle and group battle.” Speaking of these two, Du Lang was somewhat uncertain.

If the Sun Never Sets sent advanced-ranked demons to participate in the competition, the opponent would not be able to defeat them even if they were exhausted to death.


They did not know how many experts were hidden among the other three forces.

No one knew if someone would discover the secret of those advanced-ranked demons.

In particular, the blood of demons was purple in color, totally different from humans.

It was inevitable that there would be injuries during the competition.

So, as long as a demon was injured, even if it was just a scratch, the secret would be exposed.

“Demons will not be used in this tournament.

Choose from among you.” Shen Yanxiao had also thought of this.

Now was not the time to expose the demons.

“We need a hundred participants for the team battle.

Even if all of us from the Cave Wolves Mercenary Group were to participate, we are still lacking a few.” Du Lang felt somewhat helpless.

Sun Never Sets was indeed powerful, but the strong ones were the upper echelons and demons.

There were only a few strong humans to choose from.

It would be difficult for them to gather a hundred strong participants to participate in the team battle.

Shen Yanxiao frowned.

That was a headache for her as well.

Other than the Phantom and Cave Wolves Mercenary Group, there were not many powerful humans under her command.

She did not intend to let Lan Fengli participate in the competition.

Lan Fenglis methods were too shocking so it was hard not to attract attention.

Once his identity was discovered, it would probably attract a lot of trouble.

Shen Yanxiao originally intended to squeeze Qi Xia and the other five into the team battle to make up the numbers.

However, there was a rule that each participant could only participate in one battle.

If Qi Xia and the rest were to participate in the team battle, they could only bid farewell to the group battle.

Furthermore, even though Qi Xia and the others were strong, they had always been working with the Phantom members.

If they were to cooperate with the Cave Wolves Mercenary Group, they would probably require some time to adjust.

Otherwise, they might become the second God Wind Alliance.

“Well, I think I can bring a few people with me if we dont have enough,” Uncle Nine, who had been standing at one side, suddenly said.

“You can” Shen Yanxiao was surprised.

She rarely used Uncle Nines group of people.

Usually, they would only be responsible for some farming work.

“There shouldnt be a problem.

We can still find a few among them that are presentable.” Uncle Nine smiled.

Shen Yanxiao took great care of them.

In fact, she did not want them to feel any discrimination from others.

She did not want them to do anything special.

She only wanted them to continue their lives as normal people.

Uncle Nine was grateful for what Shen Yanxiao had done.

So now that she was short of manpower, he would not sit back and do nothing.

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