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Chapter 979: Four Regions Tournament (2)

Long Fei was absent for some reason, but the other four mercenary groups did not sit still.

All of them wanted to spread their influence into the Forsaken Land.

Even though Blizzard City was not Long Feis private property, Blizzard City was still built by the Blizzard Mercenary Group.

In terms of resource allocation in the Forsaken Land, the Blizzard Mercenary Group enjoyed the highest allocation rights, and the amount of resources they obtained far exceeded the other four forces.

With the current situation, how could the other four mercenary groups not be envious

It was rare that Long Fei did not have the opportunity to participate in the tournament.

Moreover, the members of the Blizzard Mercenary Group were already not in the mood to participate because of Long Feis absence.

As a result, the other four mercenary groups had gained a rare opportunity.

Even though there were only three battles, with their inherent advantage, even if they were to give up one battle, they could still win the other two battles.

The problem was how to distribute the reward of these two battles.

If they were to be victorious in the tournament, they could obtain more benefits by dividing the resources of other regions.

Which of the four mercenary groups did not want to take advantage of the situation As a result, they had all agreed to split the quota for the team battle and the group battle.

However, they had underestimated their opponents.

They had lost the team battle without any chance of coming back, and thus lost the chance to win.

“The five great mercenary groups of the God Wind Alliance are considered to be on par with each other.

However, due to the existence of Blizzard City, the Blizzard Mercenary Group is showing signs of surpassing other mercenary groups.

If it were not for Long Feis physical condition, Im afraid the other four mercenary groups of the God Wind Alliance would have been crushed by him.

How could they not be anxious” Tang Nazhi said with a smile.

He loved gossip like this!

“In that case, according to the usual practice, the tournament should be held in the Twilight City” Yang Xi raised his eyebrows.

The tournament was held in the city of the previous winner.

Last time, it was Twilight Citys victory, so the tournament would naturally be held in their territory.

As every tournament required heavy amounts of manpower and resources to set up, it should no doubt be handled by the winner who had obtained a large amount of resources from their spoils of winning.

“Twilight City took advantage of the rare opportunity last time.

But now that Long Fei has recovered, Im afraid there will be another fierce battle this year.” Li Xiaowei felt rather emotional.

Shen Yanxiao curing Long Fei had indeed set up a powerful enemy for them.

On the other hand, Shen Yanxiao had also obtained a lot of benefits from Blizzard City.

“Who cares if its Twilight City or Blizzard City or Fantasy Devil City In front of Sun Never Sets, theyre all trash!” Tang Nazhi chuckled.

He had absolute confidence.

Shen Yanxiao shot a glance at Tang Nazhi who was bursting with confidence.

She could vaguely sense that their strength had greatly improved during this one month of training.

She even suspected if they had broken through to the second class promotion.

After all, Qi Xia had already broken through to the second class promotion while the others were still at the peak of an Advanced-level Professional.

However, they had slowed down their training during this period and did not advance to the second class promotion before her.

If they had focused on training from the start, they would have made a breakthrough before they entered Sun Never Sets.

“Im not worried about the individual battle.

The City Lord has broken through to the second class promotion and can use her magical beasts in the tournament.

With Vermilion Birds help, I believe there are only a few that can match with the City Lord.

At the very least, Geng Dis contracted magical beast is only an advanced magical beast; it cannot be compared to Vermilion Bird.” Du Lang felt that Sun Never Sets had an absolute advantage in the individual battle.

Plus, Shen Yanxiaos personal strength was already astonishing.

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