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Chapter 949: Unbelievable Cultivation Speed (3)

After she was done with her task, Shen Yanxiao returned to her room to rest for a moment before heading towards Shen Fengs residence.

Shen Yanxiao had not seen Shen Feng for a long time, so naturally, she would come visit her grandfather.

At Shen Fengs place, Shen Yanxiao also met Shen Jiayi and Shen Jiawei.

When Shen Jiawei saw her, he was very polite, and there was no hostility in his eyes.

There was only admiration and gratitude.

As for Shen Jiayi…

Shen Yanxiao felt that the way she looked at her had never changed.

She initially only felt dislike towards her, but now, she probably felt deep-seated hatred.

Shen Yanxiao could not be bothered with her.

As long as she behaved herself and showed enough filial piety to Shen Feng and did not seek death, she would let Shen Jiayi continue living as the Young Miss of the Vermilion Bird Family.

After visiting Shen Feng, Shen Yanxiao was now truly spent.

She returned to the mansion to rest.

The next morning, Shen Yanxiao promptly sent someone to invite Long Fei to the mansion.

Long Fei only brought along Wu Run and Long Xueyao.

For some reason, Gu Feng did not follow them.

Long Fei and the other two had been severely shocked by Shen Yanxiaos identity yesterday.

Now that they were meeting again, they were calm.

However, when they saw Shen Yanxiao on the main seat, shock appeared all over their faces.

The young lady seated on the main seat had a flawless appearance, and there was a faint smile on her rosy lips.

She was so beautiful that no one could shift their gaze away from her.

Long Fei did not recognize Shen Yanxiao at first glance.

However, he was no fool.

Who else could be seated at the main seat of the City Lords Mansion other than Shen Yanxiao Moreover, Shen Yanxiao had always appeared before them as a young man.

Presumably, her previous appearance was a disguise.

However, the contrast between the before and after was so huge that it was hard to accept.

“Please take a seat.” Shen Yanxiao smiled as she looked at the three people who were stunned.

“Thank you.” Long Fei cleared his throat and sat down.

“City Lord Shen, I believe you already know why I have come today.

I shall not say anything else.

Blizzard City was indeed unkind in the past.

Please forgive me.”

Shen Jue was Shen Yanxiao, so naturally, he knew why Long Fei and the rest had come.

“Lets not talk about the past.

Since I have heard of your situation in Blizzard City, I will not make things difficult for you for past misjudgements.” Anyway, the blueprint of the Thunder Artillery was already enough as compensation.

Shen Yanxiao appeared calm on the surface, but her eyes were shining with a crafty light.

Long Fei smiled.

Even though Shen Yanxiaos identity had changed, her personality had not changed in the slightest.

Long Fei and the others were relieved that she was so tolerant.

“Thank you for your magnanimity, City Lord Shen.

I would like to ask one more question.

Are you confident in relieving myself from the curse” When he first met Shen Yanxiao, Long Fei could only estimate that she was around the level of an Advanced-level Professional.

However, the curse could only be triggered by a Summoner, a Second-Class Expert.

Shen Yanxiao was not even fourteen years old yet this year, and it was already a great achievement for her to become an Advanced-level Professional at such a young age.

If she claimed that she was a Second-Class Expert, it would be very hard to believe.

A large part of the reason why Long Fei came was because he was at his wits end.

He thought that he might be able to get Shen Yanxiao to ask her teacher for help; he was not expecting that Shen Yanxiao would lift the curse for him.

Shen Yanxiao smiled.

“City Lord Long, please be rest assured.

Although I have just become a Summoner, I have some understanding of curses.”

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