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Chapter 936: Returning to Sun Never Sets (2)

Not to mention Long Fei, even the mercenaries were puzzled.

It had become a habit for humans and demons to fight as soon as they met.

However, they had witnessed wave after wave of demons wandering around before their eyes.

God knew, their hearts were constantly in their throats.

However, those wandering demons never attacked them.

But this didnt calm their nerves.

They would constantly be on guard until those demons disappeared completely from their view.

However, as they encountered more and more demons, the situation of getting “stood up” also increased.

Those mercenaries were so depressed that they wanted to curse.

What was with the demons in the eastern region

Fight if you want!

Dont you know its unethical to tease other peoples nerves like this

The demons in the eastern region were innocent.

During this period of time, the merchants who came to Sun Never Sets to cooperate with them were almost endless.

At first, they knew to slightly avoid those humans.

However, these people were endlessly transporting items back and forth between the Sun Never Sets and the border; this had severely affected their normal lives.

Therefore, they might as well not avoid it.

At most, they would not eat it if they saw it.

Demons had the mentality that if they did not eat them, they could do whatever they wanted and freely wander around the eastern region.

That was why the Blizzard Mercenary Group was in such a predicament.

Both sides were innocent and both sides were helpless.

They could only continue with the awkward situation.

Shen Yanxiao sat in the carriage and listened in to the conversation between Long Fei and Wu Run.

“When did the demons in the eastern region become so… friendly” Wu Run was dumbstruck as he saw another group of demons passing by their group.

This was great.

The demons did not even spare them a glance as they looked straight ahead.

Instead, the mercenaries in their team looked at those passing demons with tears on their faces.

And on the mercenaries faces, the sentence, “Since you dare to come out, why arent you trying to hit us” was clearly written.

Wu Run felt helpless.

What made him even more helpless was that while he was sighing, one of the intermediate-ranked demons passing by suddenly stood up and waved his bear-like claws at Wu Run in the carriage…

The world went crazy!

Wu Run was immediately struck dumb.

“I saw a demon waving at me…” Wu Runs voice sounded absent-minded.

He started to wonder if he was hallucinating.

Long Fei sighed.

He honestly felt that everything that happened after they entered the eastern region was unimaginable.

“The demons here are… quite adorable.” Long Xueyao could not help but laugh when she saw the clumsy demon waving its meaty claws.

Even though he was a little ugly, he looked more like an intermediate-ranked demon beast.

When he did that, he looked… adorable.

“Could it be, the demons in the eastern region have all changed No wonder Shen Yanxiao built the city so quickly.

It seems like the demons here do not have the habit of eating humans” Wu Run finally realized these oddities among demons.

He had a deep feeling that the rapid progress of Sun Never Sets must have something to do with the demons cooperation.

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