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Chapter 933: Summoning Skill (5)

“How are we going to send this guy back” She would never let anyone know that the first phantom beast she summoned was this cute mascot!

But what about Xiu

Xiu was not human!

“Cut off the magic transmission, or put it back in the summoning array and let it return on its own.” Xiu looked at Shen Yanxiaos vivid expression; there seemed to be a trace of a smile in his eyes.

“Okay!” Shen Yanxiao lifted the mini dragon in her hands and walked towards the summoning array in high spirits.

Why didnt she just cut off the magic transmission

Sorry, Yun Qi did not expect her to break through to the second class promotion so early, so…

He did not teach her how to cut off the magic transmission!

“Guji” The mini dragon widened its scarlet eyes and looked at Shen Yanxiaos gloomy face.

It did not know why the human that had summoned it had such a terrifying aura.

Shen Yanxiao placed the mini dragon on the teleportation array and put her hands on the sides of her hips.

“You can go back now.”

“Guji” The mini dragon tilted its head.

Its eyes were filled with confusion.

“Go back.” Shen Yanxiao said righteously.





Shen Yanxiao stood outside the summoning array and stared at the mini dragon.

Xiu seemed to know what was wrong.

“It was just born so it must not know how to go back.”

“No way!” Shen Yanxiao turned to look at Xiu in despair.

“Im pretty sure that is it.” Xiu narrowed his eyes.

A phantom beast was much more fragile and ignorant when compared to a magical beast.

The strength of a phantom beast was developed through training in another world.

“Dont lie to me! You are tricking me, arent you!” Shen Yanxiao wanted to cry.

Looking at that silly mini dragon standing in the summoning array and revealing anIm so cute appearance, she really wanted to strangle it to death.

She did not know how to cut off the magic transmission and the mini dragon would not return by itself.

What could be good about this

“Xiu, do you know how long it will take for it to consume all my magic” Shen Yanxiao could only pray that it would consume a lot of magic to support a phantom beast in this world.

In that case, she could send this mascot back due to insufficient magic.

Xiu looked at Shen Yanxiao who had just broken through to the second class promotion and then at the mini dragon who was in a daze.

He then gave Shen Yanxiao the conclusion that would make her fall into the abyss.

“A newborn phantom beast does not require much magic.

With your current magic source, it should be possible to support it for a decade or two.”

“…” Oh god, please strike her with lightning!

The mini dragon could not wait for Shen Yanxiao to give it a hug, so it hopped on her with its short legs.

Shen Yanxiao could only look on helplessly as the mascot used its four little claws to slowly climb up.

Shortly after, it climbed onto Shen Yanxiaos shoulders, and with its two dragon claws firmly grabbing onto her clothes, it stood up!

“Guji!” The mini dragon felt that it was standing very high, so it tried its best to spread its mini wings so that it would appear very mighty.

But in reality…

Forget it.

“Should I be happy that it at least didnt lie on my head” Shen Yanxiao wiped her sweat.

When she abducted Little Phoenix home, she had left it for the Vermilion Bird to raise without any hesitation.

But now that it was her turn… she still felt that it was a tragedy.

At the very least, Little Phoenix was an eighth-ranked high-level magical beast and could be considered as a reserve force for mythical beasts.

Furthermore, it also had two mythical-level parents as its fighters.

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