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Chapter 926: Seal (1)

“Alright.” Long Xueyao sighed.

At least she had some clues as to why her father was acting like this now.

“Shen Jue, thank you.” Long Xueyao sincerely thanked Shen Yanxiao.

If not for Shen Yanxiaos words, she feared that they would have never known about the curse.

Shen Yanxiao scratched her head and did not answer her.

Dont thank me yet.

Im going to steal the blueprint for the Thunder Artillery tonight.

Long Fei struggled for a long time before he fainted.

Long Xueyao and the other two were busy taking care of Long Fei, so Shen Yanxiao obediently went out first.

Returning to her room, Shen Yanxiao first ate the dinner sent by the servants and then climbed into her bed.

“Xiu, now unlock the sixth layer of the seal for me!” Shen Yanxiao sat cross-legged on the bed, her tone particularly firm.

‘You want to save him Xius cold voice sounded in Shen Yanxiaos mind.

Shen Yanxiao frowned slightly.

Although she had the intention to help Long Xueyao, it was not to the extent of giving up everything for her.

“I just want to break through and become a Second-Class Expert as soon as possible so that you can help me train my soldiers.” Hearing about the beast tide today made Shen Yanxiao uneasy.

She did not have much time to prepare.

Moreover, there was still a month until the seventh day of the seventh month.

She still hoped to beat Geng Di in the competition of the four-nation city lords!

Although Geng Dis strength could be ignored, now that she saw Long Fei, her thoughts were not so simple.

Long Fei was a true Swordmaster.

He would definitely participate in the competition.

The strength of the City Lord of the Twilight City of the Seven Kingdoms was unknown; Shen Yanxiao estimated that it would not be too bad.

Shen Yanxiao wanted to suppress everyone in the competition of the four cities and gain more advantages for her city.

And since she wished to avoid relying on Vermillion Bird, she must improve her strength further.

A lot of things forced her to break through the second class promotion quickly.

Even without Long Feis matter, she would still break through tonight.

‘Okay. Xiu agreed very straightforwardly.

Shen Yanxiao closed her eyes and quietly waited for the seal to be unlocked.

However, just as she was preparing her heart, she fell into a coma the next second.

After Shen Yanxiao fell asleep, a black mist quietly flowed out from her body and condensed in front of her bed.

Xiu narrowed his golden eyes and looked at Shen Yanxiao, who was lying on the bed weakly.

His slender arm stretched out, picking her up from the bed with one hand.

His other hand directly pulled up the sleeve of her right arm, revealing the Seven Stars Locking Moon on her arm.

A year ago, the sealing totem was dim and lightless.

Now, it was replaced by five bright red marks; there were still two that had not turned red.

Only two of the seven layers remained.

However, Xius golden eyes were not at all relaxed.

His eyes carefully swept over the seal on Shen Yanxiaos arm.

Under the five red dots, he faintly saw a circle of white light.

“Is it not the Seven Stars Locking Moon” Xiu frowned slightly, and his thin lips spat out unbelievable doubts.

Looking at Shen Yanxiaos sleeping face, the seriousness in his eyes did not disperse.

“Forget it.” He sighed softly and slowly put Shen Yanxiao on her bed.

He stretched out a palm, covering Shen Yanxiaos seal.

“Whether its a blessing or a curse, we will live and die together.”

Taking a deep breath, Xiu slowly closed his eyes and poured the power in his body into the seal.

As the wisps of power reached the seal, wisps of gray fog continuously seeped out from Xius palm.

“Uh!” A low cry came out of Shen Yanxiaos mouth.

She suddenly sat up and opened her eyes.

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