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Chapter 923: Strange Illness (2)

The tables, chairs, and other furniture had been smashed into pieces.

The broken porcelain pieces scattered all over the floor.

Apart from the bed, everything else in the room had been completely destroyed.

In the room, besides Long Fei and the two other middle-aged men, there was also a white-haired old man standing by the bed with trembling hands.

“Uncle Wu, Uncle Qin, quickly tie Father to the bed!” Long Xueyao decisively ordered.

Long Feis current situation would not only hurt others, but also himself.

Wu Run and Qin Qiong were the Deputy Heads of the Blizzard Mercenary Corps.

They immediately tied Long Fei to the bed according to Long Xueyaos instructions.

Long Fei, who was now tied up, was still raging.

His hands and feet were bound, but he kept on roaring.

That hideous appearance made it difficult for people to associate him with the calm and amiable Long Fei she saw at noon.

The current Long Fei was like an enraged beast, without any sense of rationality.

Long Xueyao looked at her father with heartache, her delicate little face full of sorrow.

“Its all because Im useless that I couldnt find the Joy-Sucking Grass for Father.” Long Xueyao clenched her fists and bit her lip.

Wu Run and Qin Qiong spent a lot of effort subduing Long Fei.

Both of them were sweating profusely.

They looked at Long Xueyao, who was blaming herself, and quickly said, “You have done your best.

Fang Qiu has told us what happened on your trip.

It is already fortunate enough that you had come back safely.”

Long Xueyao only smiled bitterly.

Looking at her crazed father, she felt as if a knife was being twisted in her heart.

“Father still hasnt improved”

“The Head has been acting up more frequently these days.

Doctor Wei has been watching over him, but there has not been any improvement.” Wu Run sighed.

Doctor Wei, who was in charge of Long Feis treatment, felt ashamed.

“I wonder whats wrong with City Lord Long” Shen Yanxiao looked at the grieving people in front of her and subconsciously asked.

“This must be Little Brother Shen Jue” Qin Qiong looked at Shen Yanxiao and asked.

“Yes, I am.” Shen Yanxiao nodded her head.

Qin Qiong smiled bitterly.

“Im really sorry for letting you see such a sight.

Our Head was seriously injured fourteen years ago.

Since then, his body has never been in good condition.

Later on, he developed a strange illness.

Every month, he would go crazy and lose his rationality.

The reason why our Young City Lord went to the northern border previously was to find a medicinal herb for our City Lord.”

Long Feis illness was no longer a secret.

Almost everyone in the Divine Wind Alliance knew about it, so Qin Qiong did not conceal it.

Shen Yanxiao frowned slightly.

The moment she came into contact with Long Fei just now, she clearly felt a strange feeling from Long Feis body.

That feeling was very strange, as if there was something in Long Feis body that resonated with the source of magic in her body.

Long Fei was a Second-Class Expert, a Swordmaster to be exact, a profession that did not have to do anything with magic.

But why did her source of magic resonate when she touched him

Shen Yanxiao felt that it was a little strange.

She did not think that Long Fei was sick at all.

She felt that Long Feis appearance was very likely…

“What illness does City Lord Long have” Shen Yanxiao probed.

Qin Qiong glanced at Physician Wei, who was trembling at the side.

Physician Wei swallowed his saliva before walking forward while trembling.

“This old man has been taking care of the City Lord for many years.

From the City Lords condition, I guess that he must have gone crazy.

However, it doesnt seem like the case so Im not too sure.”


Shen Yanxiao laughed in her heart.

The symptoms did not match the diagnosis at all.

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