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Chapter 920: The Ubiquitous Military Force (2)

Although Blizzard City was not as big as Sun Never Sets, after a hundred years of management, the facilities inside were amazing.

On both sides of the street, big and small, the most common sight were shops selling mercenary supplies.

From large weapons shops to small auxiliary pharmaceutical shops, everything in Blizzard City was basically related to mercenaries.

Blizzard City was equivalent to a transit station of the Divine Wind Alliance in the Forsaken Land.

Before Blizzard City was developed, the mercenaries of the Divine Wind Alliance could only carry out certain tasks in the northern border area.

But after the establishment of Blizzard City, the range of the mercenary groups of the Divine Wind Alliance almost covered the entire northern region of the Forsaken Land.

From demons to all kinds of precious herbs, they were the targets of the missions given to mercenaries.

The temperature in the northern region of the Forsaken Land was relatively low; it was different from the eastern region where the temperature was high.

Here, there were all kinds of medicinal herbs that were suitable for growing in a cold area.

Almost all of them could be found here.

The other three countries also cooperated with Blizzard City in order to obtain precious herbs of the northern region.

Whether it was a Herbalist or an ordinary doctor, they all needed medicinal herbs.

As per the saying: a clever woman cannot cook without rice.

Even if you were a Grandmaster Herbalist, without suitable herbs, you could only watch helplessly.

The Divine Wind Alliances possession of this precious land had been eyed on by many people.

The Blue Moon Dynasty and the Seven Kingdoms, who had entered the Forsaken Land in the later years, had also paid a lot of attention to the medicinal herbs in the north.

Unfortunately, the owner of Blizzard City was one of the five heads of the Divine Wind Alliance.

The number of mercenaries under his command was close to a million.

Just the mercenaries sent to the Forsaken Land had now reached 70,000.

These mercenaries were all used to defend the two cities in the northern region.

In the streets and alleys, it was often possible to see mercenaries patrolling around.

They held sharp blades in their hands as they walked around orderly.

The intensity of their patrol made Shen Yanxiao secretly speechless.

On the city walls, there were a total of 10,000 mercenaries guarding it in batches.

Every 1,000 mercenaries formed a team before dividing themselves into 10 groups.

Groups would be rotated every two hours to ensure that the mercenaries guarding the city walls would constantly be at their best.

It had to be said that Blizzard City, a city that had already experienced a beast tide, had reached the peak of a city in terms of defense.

Even the defense of the imperial capital of the Longxuan Empire was not as concentrated.

Shen Yanxiao and Long Xueyao walked on the road.

From time to time, they would encounter groups of patrolling mercenaries.

These mercenaries simply greeted Long Xueyao and continued on with their patrol.

It was no wonder that the people of the Divine Wind Alliance were almost all mercenaries.

Even Shen Yanxiao had to admire everything that Long Fei had arranged for Blizzard City.

This kind of city could gather a large number of troops at any time and at any place.

Even if they encountered a surprise attack, they could gather their forces in the shortest time to counterattack.

Shen Yanxiao couldnt help but think deeply.

The current situation of Sun Never Sets seemed very good, but compared to Blizzard City, the defensive strength of Sun Never Sets seemed lacking in comparison.

Apart from its indestructible walls, the city walls were almost always empty.

The only human beings under her command who had combat power was probably the Cave Wolves Mercenary Group that had less than a hundred people, with the rest being lazy demons.

From the looks of it, although the resources she possessed were abundant, it was still very difficult for her to fully utilize them.

“Miss Long, has the defense of Blizzard City always been so dense” Shen Yanxiao could not help but ask Long Xueyao.

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