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Chapter 905: Escort (3)

Even if she and Gu Feng survived, none of the mercenaries, who were protecting them, would have survived.

Gu Fengs words meant that he did not care about the lives of others.

Gu Fengs words did not only make Long Xueyao feel uncomfortable.

Even the mercenaries who were treating his wounds gritted their teeth in hatred.

So, Young Master Gu Feng only considered his and Young Miss Long Xueyaos lives worth saving, but their lives as mercenaries did not If it were not for that young man named Shen Jue, they would have been reduced to food for the demons.

Thanks to Shue Jue, they were still alive And yet, Gu Feng actually said that Shen Jues help was unneeded.

It was truly disappointing.

Even though the status of ordinary mercenaries was not comparable to Gu Feng, they mentally started to reject him.

At the same time, they felt more and more grateful to Shen Yanxiao for her help.

“I dont want to say anything else to you.

Youd better leave now so that you wont disturb Shen Jues training.” Long Xueyao was thoroughly disappointed with Gu Feng.

In Blizzard City, Gu Fengs performance was commendable, but once a crisis occurred, he revealed his true nature as a coward.

Long Xueyao despised his facade.

Gu Feng opened his mouth, intending to say something, but Long Xueyaos gaze was turning chilly.

He had to keep quiet now.

He could not provoke Long Xueyao just because of a penniless lad.

However, he would not let Shen Yanxiao off the hook so easily.

Long Xueyao must have had a favorable impression of him if she was being so protective of that stinky brat.

But, Long Xueyao was his fiancee, how could he allow someone to snatch his opportunity

In any case, their group would soon have to return to Blizzard City.

And since Shen Jue wanted to escort them back, he would have to enter the city as well.

When they arrived at Blizzard City, they would be at his territory.

There, he had ways to deal with an arrogant piece of trash.

The situation of the mercenary group was not optimistic.

Everyone was injured, and all the priests in their group had exhausted their magic.

Moreover, they were still not in a safe place.

Fang Qiu did not dare to delay any longer.

Soon, he had the group move on.

There were many potions in Shen Yanxiaos interspatial ring, with many of them being healing potions.

However, she had no intention of taking them out.

What a joke! What did the people from the God Wind Alliance have to do with her Blizzard City had also obstructed the construction of Sun Never Sets.

Even though the mess they made was small, Shen Yanxiao was not someone who would repay evil with kindness.

She only agreed to Fang Qius request because of the promised rewards.

She was not a fool to rush to help her enemy without any rewards.

Shen Yanxiao did not feel burdened at all when she saw the miserable mercenaries dragging their feet back to their city.

After all, this was what she wanted.

Otherwise, how could she attract demons to attack them

The people that Gu Lan and Long Fei had sent to protect Long Xueyao and Gu Feng were all dead, and Fang Qius subordinates could not even take care of themselves.

The two pampered young master and young miss did not have a good time on their way back to Blizzard City.

Long Xueyao was not that delicate.

Even though she was a magus, she offered to take care of some of the injured.

She did not mind the blood that stained her dress.

Gu Feng, on the other hand, constantly had a taut expression on his face as they walked.

Not long after they began to leave, he started to complain, and his words were rather rude.

That made the mercenaries who were already dissatisfied with him hate him even more.

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