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Chapter 903: Escort (1)

Gu Feng felt embarrassed when Long Xueyao ignored him.

The City Lord of Blizzard City, Long Fei, only had one daughter, and that was Long Xueyao.

Long Fei was in charge of the Blizzard Mercenary Group and Blizzard City, and his position in the God Wind Alliance exceeded the other four leaders.

Long Fei had no son, and his wife had passed away.

Long Fei had a good relationship with his wife so he had not remarried for many years.

His daughter, Long Xueyao, would inherit everything that Long Fei had, in the future.

Even though Long Xueyao was not a beauty that could cause the downfall of a city, she was still pretty and adorable.

Coupled with everything that she had, the leaders of the four great mercenary groups long had designs on her.

Gu Feng also had the intention to get close to Long Xueyao.

Their father had always been on good terms and Gu Feng was making sure to use it to his advantage.

Long Fei was gravely ill, so he sent Fang Qiu to search for the Joy-Sucking Grass.

Long Xueyao followed him as a show of filial piety, and Gu Lan also sent his son in without a second thought.

It was all to give them more opportunities to interact.

However, who would have expected that the seemingly easy mission would encounter such dangers Gu Feng wanted to display his magnanimity and consideration along the way, but his performance when he faced the two advanced-ranked demons…

Gu Feng gritted his teeth.

He was only an Intermediate Archer, so how could he be a match for two advanced-ranked demons

Long Xueyao had been too bold to attack those two advanced-ranked demons.

It was as if she did not know the meaning of death.

What made Gu Feng want to vomit blood was that a stinky kid had appeared at such a critical juncture and stole his limelight for no reason.

When he noticed that Long Xueyaos gaze would shift towards Shen Yanxiao from time to time, Gu Feng was furious.

Shen Yanxiaos attire was simple, and her disguise was not outstanding.

Compared to Gu Feng, who lived like a prince, she looked just like any random beggar.

However, a penniless lad that he would not even spare a glance at had managed to steal the limelight in front of Long Xueyao.

Even a fool could tell that something was amiss with Long Xueyao.

And since Long Xueyao was not talking to him, Gu Feng felt even more vexed.

The more he looked at that stinky brat, the more he disliked him.

Why did he have to act so high and mighty He only had a little bit of strength, and yet he was already acting so pretentious He was still a poor beggar.

Otherwise, he would not have followed them to Blizzard City for remuneration.

To put it bluntly, he was just a poor man without any money!

“Hey!” Gu Feng walked toward Shen Yanxiao in an attempt to regain his dignity.

Shen Yanxiao was cultivating her battle aura when she heard someones voice.

She opened her eyes and frowned as she looked at Gu Feng.

“Your name is Shen Jue” Gu Feng looked at Shen Yanxiao arrogantly.

Shen Yanxiao gave him a lukewarm look but said nothing.

“Your strength seems pretty good.

My father is the leader of the Iron Blood Mercenary Group, Gu Lan.

If you are willing to be my bodyguard, my father will definitely reward you handsomely,” Gu Feng said with pride.

Although he knew a little about Shen Yanxiaos strength, he was not stupid enough to provoke her directly.

However, from the fact that she had agreed to Fang Qius request, he concluded that Shen Jue was definitely poor.

Didnt Long Xueyao have a favorable impression of that kid Then, he would let her know that this guy was only here to make money.

What was the use of strength In front of gold coins, everyone would grovel.

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