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That was right, the little lad that they had mocked was none other than Shen Yanxiao in disguise.

Before she left for the academy, she had explicitly asked Shen Feng to change her luxurious carriage into a normal one.

Her fancy clothing was also replaced with ordinary ones, and that had helped with her disguise as a young man.

Even the attendant that Shen Feng wanted to assign to her had been left behind at the Vermilion Bird Familys compound.

It was clear that Shen Yanxiaos low-profile outfit had caused her to be looked down upon by the people at the academy.

If those young men knew that the person that they had ridiculed was the Vermilion Bird Familys future Family Head, they probably would have peed in their pants.

Who would expect an heir of one of the five great aristocratic families would appear in the Saint Laurent Academys enrollment venue with commoners clothing

However, Shen Yanxiao did not have the energy and time to care about those ignorant and narrow-minded kids.

She merely treated their ridicule as an ignorant persons foolishness.

After she inquired about the Herbalist Divisions admission site, she immediately made her way there.

True to what those few young men had said, every student of the Herbalist Division was extremely wealthy.

There seemed to be no exception.

Every student at the admission site seemed to be dressed in fancy clothes, and their lavishness was even comparable to fashion shows in the modern era.

Shen Yanxiao could see jewels that glistered with luster and bright gold ornaments that could dazzle ones eyes.

It seemed as if those new students wished that they could cover themselves from head to toe with luxury items so that they could show the wealth of their family.

They probably thought that they could use their wealth to train their talent as an herbalist.

When she saw those wealthy young men and women, Shen Yanxiaos hand… itched.

‘Fat sheep! Fat sheep everywhere!

To place a peerless thief goddess amongst a defenseless group of wealthy members of the younger generation was like to throw a starved rat into the rice pot.

Actions spoke louder than words.

Shen Yanxiao immediately lowered her face and shuffled back and forth in the crowd of humans.

Since she decided to be excessively low-profile, no one at the admission site noticed the ugly ducklings presence.

They continued to mind their own businesses as they waited for the test.

Unfortunately, they did not notice that the pouches that they tied around their waist had disappeared as a certain heartless thief made her way around the site.

Any luxury items they had on their wrists also disappeared without a trace.

Money was a good thing, and no one would object to more money.

The Herbalist Divisions enrollment test was still ongoing, but the speed was practically negligible when there were over a thousand participants.

That had also given someone sufficient time to slaughter those fat sheep.

Shen Yanxiao made an effort to shuffle back and forth between the crowd.

The interspatial ring was once again filled after it was depleted of the gold coins that were used to pay Qi Meng as advanced payment.

There was only one word to describe the return from a worthwhile journey, and that wasgreat!

It was already afternoon when the groups that waited at the Herbalist Division finally made some progress.

After Shen Yanxiao decided that she could no longer fit anything else into the ring.

She then proceeded to stand obediently at the queue to wait for her turn at the test.

Not long after that, she moved to the front of the queue.

Dozens of teachers from the academy were there to arrange the test for the students.

The teacher in charge of Shen Yanxiaos group was a serious-looking middle-aged man.

He glanced at the new students before him and casually gathered about twenty students, Shen Yanxiao included.

“All of you, follow me inside.”

After he spoke, he turned and walked toward the test venue.

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