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Chapter 897:Hero Saving the Beauty (12)

The two demons finally reached a consensus.

They decided to give up on their plan to capture Long Xueyao.

They immediately jumped down from the boulder and searched for Shen Yanxiao.

Demons had a natural advantage in perception, and they had already memorized Shen Yanxiaos scent.

Even in such a chaotic battlefield, they could still lock onto her location!

The taller demon followed Shen Yanxiaos aura and immediately rushed towards a direction.

However, when he arrived there, he realized that Shen Yanxiao was nowhere to be seen.

There was only an arrow embedded in the ground.

The shorter demon suffered the same fate as the taller demon.

In a fit of anger, the two demons immediately tried to search for her again.

However, they did not know that a certain little girl was preying on their anxious figures.

Shen Yanxiao mingled with the chaotic crowd of humans and demons.

She seized the opportunity to kick a low-ranked demon that was pouncing on a mercenary.

She stepped on the demons back, and with a push, her petite figure flew into the air.

She then pulled the bowstring to its limit and locked onto the taller demon in a millisecond!


An ear-piercing sound echoed from behind him.

The taller demon suddenly turned around, and the moment he did, a silver light pierced through his shoulder blade!

The powerful arrow did not stop after it pierced through his flesh.

It continued to fly dozens of meters behind him before it nailed itself into a rock.

The taller demon was also pushed back by the impact.

He looked at the wound on his right shoulder in shock.

Demons unique purple blood continued to flow from his wound and waves of pain traveled to his brain.

A human kid had injured him!

The taller demon could not believe what happened.

He had not been injured by a human for a long time, so he simply could not accept the fact that he was injured.

He stood rooted to the spot in a daze.

He could not figure out how that human kid had managed to lock onto his position in such a chaotic battlefield, and how the kid had managed to hit him in such a dense crowd

Shen Yanxiao already landed back on the ground.

She did not even need to look to know that she had hit her target!

The demon that she had used as a stepping stone collapsed on the ground, with its body twitching in pain.

The mercenary who had just been attacked by the demon stared at the young man in shock.

Just moments ago, he thought that he was about to die.

However, the young man suddenly appeared and kicked the demon away.

The mercenary looked at Shen Yanxiao with shock and gratitude.

However, Shen Yanxiao did not even realize that she had saved someones life with her strength.

After she landed on the ground, she immediately moved away, not lingering any moment longer.

She had another goal!

The shorter demon was still searching for Shen Yanxiao, but he could not find her.

Every time he chased after her, he would catch an ice-cold arrow.

He was vexed.

Impatiently, he sent another mercenary flying before he continued his search for Shen Yanxiao.

However, he did not notice that his target was hidden behind the corpses of two low-ranked demons.

Shen Yanxiao narrowed her eyes as she looked at the shorter demon who had managed to clear a path for her.

A smile curled on her lips.

She kept Clemance in her space ring and reached for the shorter demon with her bare hands.

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