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Chapter 896:Hero Saving the Beauty (11)


An ear-piercing sound echoed, and a streak of silver light shot towards the demons hand at five times the speed of the previous arrows.

The demon subconsciously retracted his hand.

He saw that the fast arrow had pierced through the solid stone wall, leaving only its tail exposed.

The shorter demon was stunned by the sheer display of force behind the arrow.

Even demons with rough skin and thick flesh would not survive such an arrow!

“All of you, dont think about getting lucky.

If you cant defeat me, dont even think about climbing the stone steps.” A voice that carried a smile echoed in the chaotic battlefield.

The two demons narrowed their eyes as they looked at the chaotic battlefield below them.

However, they could not find Shen Yanxiao at all.

When she leaped away, she quickly blended herself into the crowd in an instant.

She had a small physique, so there was no trace of her at all.

They had thought that Shen Yanxiao was a fool and that they could take advantage of the situation to capture Long Xueyao.

As a result, they had missed the opportunity to lock onto Shen Yanxiaos position.

At that moment, they could only stare at the chaotic battlefield and search for the little brat that they wished they could strangle to death.

“I dont believe that a human like you can stop us!” The two demons were furious.

They could not even find Shen Yanxiaos shadow, and she still wanted them to fight her

Furthermore, their target was right in front of them.

If they took another step forward, they would be able to capture Long Xueyao.

They did not believe that Shen Yanxiao could stop them from capturing Long Xueyao!

The two demons moved at the same time.

They were so fast that no one could see them clearly.

Long Xueyao could sense two black shadows approaching her at high speed.

She leaned against the end of the boulder and gripped her staff tightly.

“Hey, why dont you listen to my advice” A helpless voice sounded before ten arrows flew towards two different targets!

Each of the arrows were nailed fiercely on the spot where the two demons would step next, as if she already knew their next move!

Several arrows blocked their path.

They were now only half a step away from Long Xueyao.

They did not doubt that the young man, who could determine their next move, would also be able to determine their correct position.

Even though he could determine their correct position, he did not shoot any lethal arrows!

These arrows in front of them were a warning!

It was a warning from Shen Yanxiao.

She wanted to fight with these two advanced-ranked demons, not kill them.

The arrows that she had shot were meant to tell them that she had the ability to take their lives if they continued trying to catch Long Xueyao.

“Damn it!” The taller demon cursed.

He had never encountered such a strange human.

Not only did they have to fight with a kid, but the kid had so many chances to kill them in a single blow, yet they would always be let go.

Didnt humans hate demons so much that they would always kill them on sight

“Why dont we take care of that kid first before we capture that girl That kid is too annoying!” The shorter demon gritted his teeth.

Them getting constantly blocked was driving him crazy.

“Very well! Lets see how capable he is!” The taller demon agreed with his suggestion.

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