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Chapter 868: Turning Over A New Leaf (2)

Evil Wolf arranged for Shen Jiayi and Shen Jiawei to stay in a pretty good yard.

Even though the yard was not big, it was enough for the two youths who had yet to reach adulthood.

“You can stay here in the future.

I will get someone to send you some food and clothes so that you can wash up in your room.” Evil Wolf did not know the identities of these two newcomers.

He was only following Shen Yanxiaos instructions.

Evil Wolf laughed heartily.

Then, he took the twins to have a look around the yard before expressing his intentions to leave.

“Thank you, brother.

How may I address you” Shen Jiawei looked at Evil Wolf gratefully.

“Ha, you can call me Evil Wolf.

You can rest first.

I will arrange for someone to come.” Evil Wolf scratched his head.

Shen Jiawei had good looks, and even though he was in a sorry state, he did not look detestable.

On the other hand, the young lady at the side did not say anything.

Instead, she constantly had a gloomy expression on her face.

Evil Wolf did not want to stay any longer and left as soon as he said that.

Shen Jiawei watched as Evil Wolf left.

Just as he was about to go to his room to get some water to wash up, he saw Shen Jiayi staring at him with a gloomy expression.

Shen Jiaweis heart dropped.

He felt afraid.

He and Shen Jiayi were imprisoned separately, and they had only met again when they were escaping.

Shen Jiawei had always been afraid of his sister, and the Shen Jiayi that he saw now was even more frightening.



Before Shen Jiawei could finish his sentence, Shen Jiayi slapped him.

“Bastard! Arent you so quick to please that bitch just now Youre so shameless! And you even dared to call me sister!” Shen Jiayi narrowed her eyes and glared at Shen Jiawei fiercely.

She gave him a tight slap that left a red mark on his face.

Shen Jiawei covered his face and looked at the furious Shen Jiayi with grievance and surprise.

“Sister, what are you doing We… we are already in this state.

City Lord is already being very kind to take us in.

Why are you still talking about her like this” Shen Jiawei had turned over a new leaf.

After his suffering, the sharp edges in his body had been worn away.

He was sincerely grateful for Shen Yanxiaos kindness.

He could not understand why Shen Jiayi was still acting like this.

“City Lord Ha! Shen Jiawei, you disgust me.

What is that trash Have you forgotten that it was that bastard who killed our father” Shen Jiayi said coldly.

“Father was in the wrong.

He wanted to harm grandfather…” Shen Jiawei bit his lips.

Even though he was heartbroken about Shen Yues death, he knew that he had only himself to blame.

Even they had received their share of retribution

If their father had not rebelled, they would not have been sent to that place, and they would not be in their current state.

“You good-for-nothing!” Shen Jiayi was furious when Shen Jiawei tried to explain himself.

She lifted her leg and kicked him to the ground.

“That bastard is already a candidate for the next Family Head.

If father had not done what he did, that bitch would have trampled all over us! You idiot, how can you defend the person who killed your father Youre such a jerk! Who do you think caused our current situation Its all because of Shen Yanxiao.

If she had remained as a fool, the position of the next Family Head would have belonged to us.

If that did not happen, would father need to do what he did If not for her, why did you think we would be reduced to this state”

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