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The Saint Laurent Academy was quite far from the capital of the Longxuan Empire.

To ensure that she could have more time for training while she was at the academy, Shen Yanxiao decided to make a trip to Qilin Auction House three days before her departure.

She gave Qi Meng another large sum of payment and asked him to arrange periodical delivery to the Saint Laurent Academy after he had managed to gather enough demonic cores.

“Youre also a student at the Saint Laurent Academy” After Qi Meng had heard Shen Yanxiaos request, he looked at the ordinary-looking little lad in surprise.

The Saint Laurent Academy had a prominent reputation in the Longxuan Empire.

Their status was not only due to its high educational standards but also because of its exceptionally harsh enrollment criteria.

Their expensive tuition fees alone was already a deterrent for children from ordinary families.

Furthermore, the Saint Laurent Academy had several requirements for the students talents.

Regardless of the division, they had to reach a certain standard in the enrollment test.

Otherwise, the Saint Laurent Academy would overtly refuse you even if you were the future heir to the throne.

Qi Meng knew how to read people, and the young lad had been to Qilin Auction House numerous times.

However, he still could not discern any unique talents that Shen Yanxiao might have, other than his status of anouveau riche. It was quite impossible for him to train battle aura with his thin waist, and his dispirited appearance was something that no one would associate with magic.

Shen Yanxiao nodded.

Xiu had commented that the low-grade demonic cores would not be enough to undo the third layer of the seal.

That was why she specifically tasked Qi Meng to keep a lookout for mid to high-range demonic cores.

Since she did not know how long she would be at the academy, she would rather have Qi Meng to arrange the delivery to her there.

As the saying went,Money can solve everything. As long as she kept them in her pocket, Qilin Auction House would remain her best partner for that collaboration.

“What a coincidence.” A slightly lazy voice echoed from behind her.

Unknowingly, Qi Xia had arrived at the back hall of Qilin Auction House, and he leaned lazily against the doorframe.

He just happened to overhear their conversation, and his pair of long and narrow fox-like eyes squinted as he smiled.

‘Its him Shen Yanxiao recognized Qi Xias appearance.

As she recalled her first trip to Qilin Auction House, she remembered him as the young man who sat in the back hall and had stared at her with interest while she was there.

However, she did not see him there in her subsequent visits, and she also did not expect to see him there that day.

“According to your age, you should be a first-year student whos about to enter the academy.

In this case, you should be addressing me as a senior.” Qi Xia smiled and looked at the little lad.

Qi Meng had informed him of the business that they had done with the young customer.

He did not expect to see him there as he dropped by Qilin Auction House for a short patrol.

“Huh” Shen Yanxiao blinked.

Could it be…

“I am a second-year student at the Magus Division of Saint Laurent Academy.”

Shen Yanxiao immediately said, “Hello, senior.”

If the Vermillion Bird were there with Shen Yanxiao, he probably would have jumped out and slapped his master for her lack of moral integrity.

Otherwise, why would she call someone asenior just because they said so She did not even know him well.

Shen Yanxiao was curious about the young man in front of her.

She could vaguely sense that he had a complicated background the first time that she saw him, because she knew that Qilin Auction House rarely allowed outsiders in their back hall.

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