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Chapter 849: The God Realm Appears (2)

Du Lang and Uncle Nine had a complicated expression on their faces as they stood about ten steps away from Shen Yanxiao.

They had all heard of the God Realm.

For Uncle Nine, it was not a big deal since it had some relations with his past.

However, Du Lang and the other mercenaries believed that the God Realm was a sacred place, and it was not something they could step foot in.

They had not even seen a god envoy, let alone the sage.

When the sage first came to the city, he had shocked them.

Du Lang and the six wolves were excited for a while.

They had finally met the legendary sage.

However, as soon as their excitement faded, they knew that things were not looking good.

The God Realm was famous for killing the demons as they pleased.

And Sun Never Sets lacked anything but demons.

Currently, there were more than thirty thousand demons in the underground city.

If the God Realm were to know about that, would they not turn Sun Never Sets into a battlefield

Therefore, Du Lang immediately sent his men to inform Shen Yanxiao.

He also ordered his men to find Freud so that he could bring the demons underground to lie low.

Even though Du Lang was a mercenary, Shen Yanxiao had pushed him to learn matters other than just fighting.

He had been in Sun Never Sets for so long that he had learned how to manage the city under her influence.

The members of the Cave Wolves Mercenary Group often called Du Langlord to tease him.

Even though they were worried, Du Lang and Uncle Nine had to admit that the God Realms reputation was not to be belittled.

Their white robes fluttered in the wind, looking as if they were sacred and inviolable.

That was why Du Lang and Uncle Nine admired them at first glance.

The God Realms good reputation in the Brilliance Continent was not only due to their strength but also their natural disposition.

It was just as the rumors said.

Everyone in the God Realm had the aura of a god.

Not everyone could imitate their natural disposition.

Even the aristocratic families and the royal family would find it hard to nurture such an outstanding character.

But each one of the god envoys in the God Realm had the same temperament.

For the first time, Uncle Nine and Du Lang felt that they were like country bumpkins.

If Shen Yanxiao were to hear their thoughts, she would definitely whip them to the ground.

Shen Yanxiao rushed to the public square with her small entourage.

When the sage awakened the mythical beasts for the five great aristocratic families, everyone except Li Xiaowei had met the sage that had unparalleled presence.

However, they had mixed feelings when they met him again.

Shen Yanxiao only hoped that the sage was not there to cause her trouble.

“I did not know that the sage would come here.

I apologize for not going out to welcome you.

Please forgive me.” Even though she was filled with doubts, Shen Yanxiao still put on a polite front.

She had a bright smile on her beautiful face.

She looked like a stunning beauty that could kill anyone with just her appearance.

The moment Nangong Mengmeng saw Shen Yanxiao, she could no longer remain calm.

Her eyes sparkled as she rubbed her hands excitedly.

She wanted to pounce on Shen Yanxiao, but the sages glare stopped her from doing so.

“I have troubled you.

I came without informing you.” The sage had a good temper.

The smile that blossomed on his already lethal face was enough to make people want to worship him.

The God Realm had always been associated with the God race, and the sage of the past were all like gods.

Nangong Mengmeng was stopped by the sage.

She bit her handkerchief discreetly and stared at Shen Yanxiao with her bright green eyes.

It was as if she wanted to use her gaze to convey her admiration for Shen Yanxiao.

Her idol was so beautiful that she wanted to touch her.

‘His Highness is so annoying.

He cannot understand the thoughts of a young girl like me at all.

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