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Chapter 845: Beaten Up until Youre Convinced (2)

Demons had been accustomed to view humans as food.

But how would they feel if someone were to view them as food instead

In any case, Qiao Chu was speechless.

“Little girl, you are quite bold to come and cause a ruckus! So what if you have unified Sun Never Sets I dont care why the demons in Sun Never Sets would submit to you, but this Oriental City is my territory, and I am not interested in playing house with a human brat like you.” Qiao Chu was a very handsome demon.

And if it were not for the advanced-ranked demons behind Shen Yanxiao, he would have devoured the delicious human.

If not, why would he waste his breath on her

Oriental City…

Wait a minute, when did his city have a name

Did her parents not teach the little kid to have manners

“Play house” Shen Yanxiao narrowed her eyes and slowly revealed a smile.

“So, your answer is a no”

Qiao Chu waved his hand impatiently.

His rejection could not be more obvious.

“Very well.” The smile on Shen Yanxiaos lips deepened, and a nasty glint flickered in her eyes.

Suddenly, she turned around and walked back towards her entourage.

Qiao Chu was momentarily stunned.

That kid was so easy to talk to She was already prepared to return home

The demons in Sun Never Sets were too easy to fool!

However, he soon realized how naive his thoughts were.

Shen Yanxiao returned to her entourage.

When she saw the demons expectant gaze, she turned her head slightly and said to Vermilion Bird, “Blast them!”

Naturally, Vermilion Bird knew what Shen Yanxiao meant.

The next second, he transformed into a cloud of flames as he soared into the sky, revealing his true form in mid-air.

Vermilion Bird spread his flaming wings, and fireballs the size of human heads flew towards the Oriental City at lightning speed.

A rain of fire descended from the sky, and the boundless sea of fire instantly covered the entirety of Oriental City.

Before Qiao Chu could step back into his house, he saw scarlet flames burning in front of him.

What the heck!

She was not retreating.

She was preparing to use violence to solve the problem!

“Qi Xia, Yang Xi, Ah Yu, Nazhi, Xiaowei,” Shen Yanxiao ordered again.



“Leave it to me!”

“No problem!”


The five beasts summoned their magical beasts at the same time, and the five mythical beasts appeared in front of Oriental City.

For a moment, the sky changed color, and the small city was tightly surrounded.

Qiao Chu stared at the six mythical beasts in shock, and for a moment, he could not react.

What the heck! Mythical beasts!

It was not the time for a war between gods and devils, so where did all those mythical beasts come from

Qiao Chu wanted to cry.

He felt that Shen Yanxiao was being unreasonable.

If she had any objections, they could talk about it slowly.

What she was doing was not civil at all.

Even though advanced-ranked demons were powerful, they were still not comparable to mythical beasts.

They did not even have an advantage in terms of size.

Plums of flames, bolts of lightning, and swarms of thunderclouds swept across Oriental City, as if a thousand troops were sweeping through an ordinary village.

For a moment, the entire city wailed as the demons covered their heads and fled like rats.

Sounds of cracking and snapping could be heard one after another.

It was as if everyone was punching Qiao Chus face.

He had thought that demons were the most unreasonable race in the world.

However, he did not expect to encounter a beast that was comparable to a bandit!

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