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Chapter 837: Expanding Territory (2)

Even though the Emperor of the Longxuan Empire had wanted to make things difficult for her, he did not dare to be too harsh on her due to the Vermilion Bird Familys reputation.

In the end, he had only tampered with the choice of the city and the amount of assistance he would provide her.

As for other matters, such as the reclamation of other cities, it was the same as what the other champions had.

For the four countries, it had always been their goal to reclaim more territory in the Forsaken Land.

And therefore, all the champions who entered the Forsaken Land were granted the right to develop and expand their territory.

As long as it was a place that they had personally reclaimed, it would be directly under their control.

It seemed like a favorable term but in reality, it was of little value.

To reclaim a city in the Forsaken Land was already an arduous task.

But to reclaim more than one city Who would be so masochistic to wish to suffer a beating of a lifetime

Moreover, it was not as if the other three cities had not thought about it.

Although some of them had taken action, their progress was not very smooth.

Other than Blizzard City, which belonged to the God Wind Alliance, which was the first to enter the Forsaken Land and to successfully reclaim a second city, the other two forces were still scratching their heads to find a way to reclaim another city.

The toughest obstacle in their goal of reclaiming another city was the demons inhabiting that city, but that obstacle did not bar Shen Yanxiao in the slightest.

“That is a good idea, but we are too short-handed right now,” Du Lang said with a bitter smile.

Shen Yanxiao had a good idea, but she did not have the resources to execute it.

“Wont it be resolved if we go to the Scar of Oblivion again” Shen Yanxiao was not worried about the manpower problem at all.

The slaves that she had bought over were now integrated into Sun Never Sets system, and they were immensely loyal to Shen Yanxiao.

The demons were following Shen Yanxiao because she could provide them with dark elements.

However, those slaves were grateful to Shen Yanxiao from the bottom of their hearts.

She had elevated them from their bottom feeder and despised status to normal citizens that would not be humiliated and unjustly punished anymore.

She had also provided them with financial assistance to support their families.

She had allowed them to work, start their own families, and have children like everyone else.

Deep inside their hearts, she was like a god.

If someone dared to say anything bad about Shen Yanxiao in Sun Never Sets, the slaves would immediately pounce on them and eat them alive for being blasphemous to their saviour.

The slaves loyalty to Shen Yanxiao had indirectly proved her prowess in buying peoples hearts.

She had just given them food and clothing, dignity, and money.

Initially, the talents that Qi Xia and the rest brought with them disagreed with Shen Yanxiaos decision to give slaves gold coins.

For slaves, giving them food and drinks was already a huge reward.

They had never heard of any masters who would give slaves money.

However, as Shen Yanxiaos reputation in Sun Never Sets increased, they finally realized that she did not give slaves gold coins, but dignity.

The slaves dignity had initially been crushed by despair.

That kind of respect and care she showed them was enough to make them go through a sea of flames for Shen Yanxiao.

“Sun Never Sets has been completed; we can now just assign those talents to the new cities.

In any case, we dont lack anything, so why dont we expand our territory” Shen Yanxiao looked at everyone with a smile.

The eastern region of the Forsaken Land was her territory, and the Broken Star Palace could very well become her greatest enemy in the future.

If she wanted to deal with them, she would have to increase the amount of power she had in her grasp.

One day, she would turn the entire eastern region of the Forsaken Land into her property.

And no one would dare to fight her!

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