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Chapter 836: Expanding Territory (1)

Even after the auction had ended, the guests in the city were not in a hurry to leave.

The items in a few shops around the city were already enough to keep them busy for a period of time.

Additionally, they also wanted to take the opportunity to inquire about that Advanced Herbalists background.

Even though it was unlikely that they could poach him, they could still benefit from it if they maintained a good relationship with him.

They were not idiots.

They knew their places.

On the same night that the auction ended, the mansion of the city lord in Sun Never Sets received countless invitations.

There were all aristocratic families, experts, and merchants.

The purpose of the aristocratic families was simple.

The resources in Sun Never Sets were abundant, and they also had an Advanced Herbalist who could provide them with rare potions.

The experts thoughts were even simpler.

The current development of Sun Never Sets was very impressive, especially in the Forsaken Land where it had always been the most challenging place to settle in in the Brilliance Continent.

If they could build a good relationship with the City Lord of Sun Never Sets, it might let them move around the Forsaken Land easier.

Perhaps they could even make a name for themselves there.

The merchants intention was to cooperate with the Sun Never Sets.

From their point of view, there was still a lot of wealth in Sun Never Sets that had yet to be excavated.

In such a huge city, there were only a few shops to capitalize on the market.

Sun Never Sets had a lot of potential for investment.

Whether it was to open a shop in the city or to transport the resources there for sale, either way, they would make a huge profit.

They were not worried about there being a lack of people in Sun Never Sets—especially after the auction.

Everyone would definitely think of ways to enter the prosperous city.

Most importantly, they did not encounter any demons along the way there, so they assumed the trade route could be established easily.

Shen Yanxiao did not hide herself.

She discussed with the three groups of people for a long time.

She gave the aristocratic families permission to enter Sun Never Sets, and she reserved accommodation for the many experts.

Now, if they wanted to make a name for themselves in the Forsaken Land, they would first think of settling in Sun Never Sets.

All of them were famous experts, so if they could set up camp in her city, it would be a great help to her.

Finally, she signed a collaborative agreement with those merchants.

Of course, Qi Xia would be the one to deal with that.

And while discussing the terms, he obviously prioritized the interest of the city.

In the end, everyone was satisfied with the result.

After all of those administrative works were done, Shen Yanxiaos mind started churning.

She realized Sun Never Sets alone was not enough to consume the gold coins that she had on hand.

Her total income was rather shocking this time, and it was a pity to not put the money to use.

An idea formed in Shen Yanxiaos mind.

She immediately gathered the Phantom members, Du Lang, Su He, and Uncle Nine for a discussion.

Only the Phantom members were tasked with managing the auction, so Du Lang and the others didnt not participate in it.

And thus, they did not know how much money Shen Yanxiao had made.

However, they were still shocked when Shen Yanxiao revealed her plan.

“City Lord, you wish to expand” Du Lang found it hard to digest Shen Yanxiaos words.

Sun Never Sets had only been completed for less than a month, but Shen Yanxiao already wished to start reclaiming the other cities in the eastern region of the Forsaken Land.

Was that not a little too fast

There were not many people in Sun Never Sets; it was barely enough for them to operate day to day operations.

If they expanded towards the other cities, they would probably stretch themselves too thin.

“The Emperors original order was to allocate Sun Never Sets to me.

However, the authorization letter also stated that if I could reclaim other cities, I would have the right to own them.” Shen Yanxiao propped her chin.

It was not a spur of the moment idea, but an idea she had made after thorough considerations.

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