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Chapter 833: Auction (15)

Except for the five beasts, no one else knew that the sudden change of the rules that drove everyone crazy was due to someones retaliation after she noticed that her wallets had been tampered with.

When they saw Shen Yanxiaos crafty smile, the four beasts at the backstage hurriedly gulped.

That girl was too savage!

A simple sentence from her easily shattered the alliance between the families, turning the originally allied families into eternal enemies!

Savage and cruel!

Shen Yanxiao managed to sow discord between them.

Whats more, the families would never know who caused the tragedy.

It was a spectacular scene when more than twenty aristocratic families fought for four batches of potions.

When the first batch of Battle Aura Potions was brought on stage, the battle between the aristocratic families had officially begun.

There were only four chances, and no one was willing to let any of them go so easily.

Everyone was afraid that they would miss the opportunity.

Therefore, the first person to bid increased the bid to 500,000 gold coins!



What was an aristocratic family

Every increment was 100,000 gold coins!

The bids made the hearts of normal aristocratic families tremble.

As expected, the battles between the big shots were not something small shrimps like them could participate in.

In less than a minute, the bid for the first batch of potions exceeded 1 million gold coins.

However, if the price was divided by the number of potions in the batch, the average price of a bottle was only 50,000 gold coins.

It was still far from the price that Shen Yanxiao wanted.

Of course 1 million gold coins was far from the bottom line of those aristocratic families.

More and more people started to bid, and the bid continued to soar.

2 million…

3 million gold coins…

4 million…

The price of each bottle of potion finally exceeded the highest final bid of the previous bottles.

However, those aristocratic families would not relent.

20 bottles of Battle Aura Potion could very well nurture twenty advanced professionals for their families.

A mere million gold coins was nothing compared to twenty advanced professionals.

The battle between the aristocratic families was so brutal that it would make ones hair stand.

In the end, the first batch of Battle Aura Potion was purchased by a powerful family from the Blue Moon Dynasty for 7 million gold coins.

The people from the Blue Moon Dynasty were truly all wealthy!

The average price of 350,000 gold coins per bottle made Shen Yanxiao roll around happily backstage.

She almost pounced on the old mans bald head for a bite to thank him for giving her such a big red packet.

She only needed three days to produce a hundred bottles of Battle Aura Potions.

So, to produce twenty bottles of Battle Aura Potions, she only needed half a day.

Shen Yanxiao wanted to laugh out loud when she realized that she could get 7 million gold coins with half a days work.

Shen Feng had made the right decision.

A Herbalist was indeed a profitable profession!

All of the other professions were trash!

Shen Yanxiao happily hopped around backstage.

She had only sold forty bottles of Battle Aura Potion, but the profit had already almost exceeded 10 million gold coins.

It was too easy for her to earn money.

It was a joyous occasion backstage, but in the main hall of the auction house, it was a battlefield.

Once the second batch of Battle Aura Potions appeared, another fight ensued.

The final bid was also 7 million gold coins.

It seemed like 7 million gold coins was the bottom line of those aristocratic families.

After all, it was only a supplementary item.

Whether they could nurture their younger generation would depend on their luck and character.

If they were to spend too much, they would not be able to bear the financial crisis that would follow soon after.

It was not easy for an aristocratic family to fork out tens of millions of gold coins.

Even though they had a lot of assets, they also had a lot of family members to take care of.

The benefits that were allocated to everyone in their family had to be deducted from the familys funds.

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