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Chapter 831: Auction (13)

The price of the Battle Aura Potions soon skyrocketed through the roof.

It was basically a new lease in life so no one was willing to give it up just because of the price.

When would they ever have the opportunity to buy one again if they gave up now

Furthermore, there were only a hundred bottles of Battle Aura Potion.

One bottle would be gone once they sold it.

Who knew where they would find even a single bottle of Battle Aura Potion in the future Therefore, they decided to obtain these potions in front of them by hook or by crook!

However, for some of them, namely those from weaker aristocratic families, there was a need to be mindful of their own actions.

Even though they were labeled as aristocratic families, they couldnt even be compared to the soles of those more powerful families; it was to the extent where they would rarely label themselves as an aristocratic family in the presence of a truly powerful aristocratic family.

They were more commonly labeled as ordinary families by those from powerful aristocratic families.

An ordinary aristocratic family would die without a complete corpse if they were to forcefully snatch something a powerful family really wanted.

Not to mention their familys wealth was not comparable to the other partys wealth, the other partys familys influence was enough to toy with them a hundred times over.

Therefore, the competition for potions was basically divided into two battlefields.

One was a bloodbath between the aristocratic families and the other was a competition between the ordinary families.

For the first ten potions, the powerful aristocratic families did not even offer a single bid.

Although they were planning to split the majority of the potions amongst themselves, they still had to take care of those ordinary families.

Therefore, the elders of the aristocratic families ordered them to not bid for the first ten bottles of the potion.

It was to give the ordinary aristocratic families some face and to give them some soup while they ate the meat.

This way, it also showed the magnanimity of the aristocratic families.

The ordinary aristocratic families were also aware that they only had a limited amount of potions they could bid for.

When the real aristocratic families took action, the auction would be out of their hands then.

Even so, there were still more than a hundred people from ordinary aristocratic families attending.

It would be difficult to split ten bottles of potions between them.

The bidding war was getting more and more intense.

The first bottle of Battle Aura Potion had already reached a bid of 80,000 gold coins, and it was still rising.

Shen Yanxiao was crouching backstage as she estimated that the first bottle would be sold for about 150,000 gold coins.

Ordinary families did not have that much money in the first place, and they had already spent most of their money in the previous portion of the auction.

Even though the potion was life-changing, its effect was still auxiliary in nature.

If there was a potion that could directly promote a junior profession to an advanced one, then not to mention 150,000 gold coins, even 15 million gold coins wouldnt be enough to purchase it.

As expected, the first bottle of Battle Aura Potion was sold for 163,000 gold coins, which was slightly more than Shen Yanxiao had expected.

The other nine bottles of potions were soon divided amongst themselves.

None of the final bids were lower than 150,000 gold coins, with the highest bid around 200,000 gold coins.

The first ten bottles of Battle Aura Potion had been swept clean and now, the spotlight shifted away from the ordinary families to the aristocratic families.

It was time for the duel between super families.

There were about twenty people who could be considered as part of the upper echelons of aristocratic families.

The twenty of them would have to compete for the remaining ninety bottles of Battle Aura Potion.

Surprisingly, the eleventh bottle of battle aura potion was only sold for 30,000 gold coins!

It was lower than what everyone had expected.

All the aristocratic families seemed to have reached a mutual understanding that no one should raise the bid more than the preset limit.

The twelfth bottle was also sold for thirty thousand gold coins.

The thirteenth bottle …

Those aristocratic families obviously had a tacit understanding between each other.

With this plan, everyone had a share of the pie.

After selling the next ten bottles of Battle Aura Potions, her total income was only 300,000 gold coins.

Looking at her measly profits, Shen Yanxiao could only scratch the wall in frustration.

Despicable! Too despicable!

The strengths of those aristocratic families were about equal.

It was hard to find anyone who could suppress the other families with just individual strength, so they thought of this plan to satisfy everyone.

At the bare minimum, each of them could get four to five bottles.

With this method, no family could have any significant advantages over the other.

Most importantly, they would not have to fall out with each other by outbidding each other.

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