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Chapter 828: Auction (10)

The two nouveau riche continued bickering back and forth.

Finally, they managed to raise the bid of the Pearl Milkstone to more than 3 million gold coins.

At that moment, the people in the auction house had already calmed down.

The repeated shocks had numbed them.

They looked at the two people who continued to use their money to slap the other in the face calmly.

If it was not for the Pearl Milkstone on stage, they would not have forgotten what they were fighting for.

The royalty from the Blue Moon Dynasty panted as he waited for the handsome young man to increase the bid.

He was about to die from anger.

Someone had managed to force him to raise the bid of a single gem to more than 3 million gold coins.

Even if he had the brain of a pig, he knew that he would suffer a huge loss if he were to purchase the gem at that price.

However, if he were to let go of it now, wouldnt that mean that he would have to admit defeat in front of everyone Plus, almost everyone attending the auction was an influential figure from every part of the continent.

He was a noble, and yet he could not win against an unknown young man!

At that moment, he was no longer fighting for the Pearl Milkstone, but for his reputation.

3 million gold coins was not a small sum for anyone, even for him.

And it looked like the bidding war would not stop anytime soon.

As the bid continued to rise, he soon felt that it was a little strenuous for him to continue.

He was not attending the auction for the Pearl Milkstone.

He had only wanted to put on a pompous act on a whim.

He truly did not expect that he would encounter someone even more pompous than him.

If he were to continue with the bid, he would not be able to bid for any of the other items that he actually really wanted, even if he managed to purchase the Pearl Milkstone.

The situation on the side of the royalty from the Blue Moon Dynasty was not good, and neither was it for the young master.

The Pearl Milkstone was only a useless gem in the eyes of the world.

He already had a plan before he came here.

In his mind, the bid of 1 million gold coins would easily be enough to win the bid.

However, he did not expect that a fool would appear and forcefully increase the bid for seemingly no reason.

The handsome young man was, in fact, the black-robed man who stood by Ouyang Huanyus side.

His main objective for attending the auction was the Pearl Milkstone, and he had brought about five million gold coins with him, just in case he saw something else he wanted to buy.

His original intention was to just spend a little bit more than 1 million gold coins on it.

However, looking at how the current situation was going, he would soon be unable to continue bidding.

If the bid exceeded 5 million gold coins, he would not be able to fork out anymore gold coins.

If that was the case…

A sinister glint flashed across the young mans eyes.

Truthfully, he really hoped that the idiot would bid more than 5 million gold coins so that he could kill him with a legitimate reason and get the Pearl Milkstone without spending a single cent.

If Ouyang Huanyu and Jun Mo had not asked him to keep a low-profile, he would have stopped after that idiot outbid him the second time.

He never liked fighting in such a non-aggressive way anyways.

The young man mumbled to himself.

When he saw that the bid for the Pearl Milkstone had exceeded 4 million gold coins and that it was about to increase to 5 million gold coins, the killing intent in his eyes thickened.

The entire auction house fell into silence when the young man offered a bid of 5 million gold coins.

Such a large increase frightened the crowd.

All of them looked at the Blue Moon royal to see if he would continue to increase the bid.

As long as he raised the price, the young man would sentence him to death.

The noblemans face was flushed.

He panted as he glared at the young man.

Even though he knew that the bid was outrageously high, he could not admit defeat for the sake of his reputation.

At that moment, everyones gaze was focused on him.

Should he continue to increase the bid or should he give up

The royal gritted his teeth.

Just as he was about to increase the bid, the young mans eyes revealed his killing intent.

“Young master, that useless gem is not our objective.

Stop it.” However, a retainer who had stood by the royals side spoke up at the right time, stopping the royals subsequent actions.

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