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Chapter 827: Auction (9)

“1,700,000 …” Every single person attending the auction gulped.

All of them were wealthy, but no one would spend that much money to buy basically an ornament.

The royal family of the Blue Moon Dynasty had always regarded themselves as high-class aristocrats, so they would always pay extra attention to their reputation.

However, paying such a price was a little outrageous.

The royalty, who had just offered a shocking bid, looked at everyone with a smug gaze.

His family was wealthy, so they could bid as much as they liked.

Sometimes, the price they paid was not for the items, but for their reputation!

The auction-attendees, who had been so aggressive just moments ago, were immediately intimidated by his wealth.

Shen Yanxiao hid behind the scenes as she looked at the Pearl Milkstone that had been sold for an astronomical price.

She had a crafty smile on her face.

If the integrative power of the Pearl Milkstone was still inside, it would not be an exaggeration to say that it was worth 7,100,000 gold coins, let alone 1,700,000 gold coins.

But she had already consumed all the integrative power in the Pearl Milkstone.

Furthermore, that wealthy man did not look like he was buying it for a specific purpose.

It seemed like the bid he offered was merely to buy an accessory.

Shen Yanxiao was currently feeling very proud of herself.

How could she not be proud when she had managed to sell something that she had already used

Buying the case but returning the pearls, there were actually people still doing it.

Just as everyone thought that the Pearl Milkstone would be sold for 1.7 million gold coins, a slender figure suddenly stood up from the crowd.

“2 million.” The handsome young man smiled as he one-upped the bid that no one had expected to lose.

“2 million gold coins! Has he gone crazy” The auction-attendees finally saw the true meaning of being wealthy.

For a single gem, he was willing to spend 2 million gold coins.

At that point, should he even be referred to as a wealthy person anymore He should be referred to as the God of Wealth!

The royalty from the Blue Moon Dynasty was also stunned.

He thought that his bid would easily win the gem, but he did not expect someone to be even more careless with money than him.

At that moment, everyones gaze was focused on the young man who just made the last bid.

He wore a long green robe and there was a modest smile on his handsome face.

No matter how one looked at him, one would assume that he was just a young master of a household with a considerable background.

However, how could someone like him spend so much money for something that was essentially useless

The royalty from the Blue Moon Dynasty was unhappy.

Everyone should be looking at him with envy, not at that gigolo.

How dare that gigolo steal his limelight

As someone with immense amount of pride, he could never tolerate that!

“2.1 million!” The royalty immediately increased the bid.

The young master smiled and said, “2.2 million gold coins.”

“2.3 million!”

“2.4 million.”



As the two immensely wealthy men started a bidding war, everyone wondered if they were spectating a battle of how high one could count between two idiots.

By how the bid for the Pearl Milkstone was going, it would soon exceed the total price of all the previous gems auctioned before it.

Just so they could hold on to their flimsy pride, they dared to carelessly waste their money.

The bid of the Pearl Milkstone continued to rise to an astronomical amount due to the competition between the two unrelenting men.

As the bidding war continued, Qi Xia smiled like a crafty fox on stage.

As for Shen Yanxiao, she really wanted to go outside and cheer the two men into giving her more money.

She dearly wished that they could raise the bid of the Pearl Milkstone even further.

Although she would not receive the full amount of the bid since it was not hers, the Phantom Auction House would still take a percentage of the final bid.

Just the thought of getting so much money by doing essentially nothing, she was on cloud-nine.

The higher the final bid, the more money she would get.


Let the storm blow harder.

She could endure it!

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