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Chapter 825: Auction (7)

“Xiaoxiao, you have a brilliant mind for business.” Qi Xia pinched his chin with his fingers.

Shen Yanxiao was not at all inferior to him when it came to the aspect of earning money.

Qi Xia understood the essence of business, but Shen Yanxiao had many strange, money-making ideas that were both novel and innovative.

“You can call me a genius.” Shen Yanxiao was in a good mood.

She had built Sun Never Sets for three reasons, namely: to breed demons to undo her seal, to strengthen herself, and lastly, to make money!

A clever housewife could not cook without rice; an empire could not be built with two cents.

Powerful strength could only be built on with a strong economic foundation.

“Genius I think youre a weirdo.” Tang Nazhi shot a glance at Shen Yanxiao.

But he had to hand it to her.

Two days before the city was opened, she had dragged a group of shrewd businessmen to open a few shops.

The potions stocked in those shops were made by her on the spot, and as for the gems, she casually stuffed those useless gems that were piling up in the warehouse into them.

“I thought you were praising me.” Shen Yanxiao snorted.

However, she was in a good mood today, so she would not argue with that idiot.

“Ive already sent someone to keep an eye on this group of guests.

For now, I dont see anything wrong with them.” Returning to the topic, Yang Xi took out his subordinates report and analyzed it.

Even though Sun Never Sets was open to the public, not everyone coming in had good intentions.

There was this saying: a tall tree attracts the wind.

And since it was the first time that the Longxuan Empire had secured a territory in the Forsaken Land, there would naturally be many scouts from various countries and organizations coming to scout the situation at the auction and the city.

Even though they were not stirring trouble in Sun Never Sets, they would still have to report the happenings in Sun Never Sets to their superiors.

Yang Xi was responsible for observing the guests.

Even if they were unsure of the intentions those guests had, they at least had to know what they were doing at all times so that they would not be caught off guard when they suddenly showed their true colors.

“Just keep an eye on them.

Im sure they do not dare to cause trouble yet.

At the very least, anyone who dares to cause trouble in Sun Never Sets during the auction will be courting death.” Shen Yanxiao sneered.

The Hundred Year Spirit Weapon was the main attraction of the auction; it attracted masses of experts and representatives of aristocratic families to travel to the Forsaken Land.

Many of them were there for the weapon, and if anyone dared to cause trouble, those aristocratic families and experts would personally strangle the troublemakers to death.

“Yes,” Yang Xi answered.

Their main objective was to carry out the auction perfectly.

Over the next two days, more and more guests from afar entered the city.

Like the first batch of guests, they visited the entire city in shock and continued to help Shen Yanxiao with her money-making business.

There was also some bits of chaos.

When such large groups of people entered Sun Never Sets, there would naturally be some occasional conflicts between them, not to mention arguing with the locals.

There were many instances where the two parties were both from aristocratic families.

Obviously, they had all lived like princes and princesses for their entire lives.

So, when one of them had a problem with the other, they would get close to each others faces and argue mindlessly for the sake of their reputation and honor of their family.

Fortunately, they had restrained themselves and did not fight.

Usually, the reason behind those mindless arguments was items.

When two such parties found one item that they liked and one side would not concede no matter what, it would always escalate to fighting with words.

Even though Shen Yanxiao had managed to open a few shops with the limited amount of time she had, there were a lot of such scenes where many people would be fighting over a bottle of potion and a good piece of ore.

On the other hand, it proved that Shen Yanxiao had made the right decision and that her method of earning money was wise.

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