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Chapter 822: Auction (4)

Those who were there knew their stuff did not pay much attention to the items in those small shops.

However, as they looked at the displayed products, they realized that something was amiss.

Palm-sized diamonds were placed at the entrance like ordinary stones.

Magic Stones that were as tall as a person were carved into beautiful ornaments.

Glorious Snow Stones were polished into round beads that hung on curtains.

When the group of merchants with keen eyesight noticed how the city treated these valuable gems as decorations, their hearts bled.

Any random gem there could fetch thousands of gold coins, and yet they were random spread all over the place.

When they noticed that various-colored gems were used as stools by the people from Sun Never Sets, their hearts almost broke.

If it were not for the guards who were leading the way, they would have pounced on the shop owners and asked them not to waste those precious stones.

If they wanted to waste them, let him have it instead.

After all, those gems were all gold coins!

The merchants, who knew their stuff, discreetly wiped their tears and the mouths of the powerful families twitched.

They saw a potion shop by the side of the street, and it was filled with all sorts of merchandise from low-level potions to high-level potions.

They had also discovered some rare potions that could not be found on the market.

Any random bottle of those potions could allow their familys juniors to advance by a notch, and yet it was sold so openly.

They wanted to rush over and buy all the potions in the shop.

Along the way, everyone had reached a consensus.

Treasures were everywhere in Sun Never Sets.

And once the guards left, they would get their subordinates to purchase those products as soon as possible.

After all, those products were super rare.

They did not encounter any dangers on their way to the Forsaken Land and they had already discovered that there were so many treasures the moment they entered the city.

The group of guests could no longer remain calm.

They could not wait for the guards to lead them to their destination and then leave so that they could go shopping like crazy.

If they missed it, they would not get another chance!

Finally, the guards led them to a few inns.

The accommodations for the guards and mercenaries could not possibly be too high-end, so ordinary inns were more or less sufficient.

Even without the large number of subsidiaries, there were only about a hundred of them.

After all, they were only one of the groups of guests that was entering the city, and there was still a large group of guests that had yet to arrive.

“This is the accommodation the city lord has arranged for everyone to stay.

You may choose your rooms at your leisure.

I shall take my leave.” The guard was smart enough to leave.

The group of big shots stood in front of the luxurious inn and looked up at the sky.

Extravagant! How extravagant!

The entire inn was magnificently built.

Even the floor was made of high-quality gold.

Those who with keen eyes estimated that the cost of the building was no less than a million gold coins.

Even the wealthy tycoons could only concede defeat when faced with such a luxurious inn.

What did it mean to be rich This building was what it meant to be rich!

How could the people of Sun Never Sets be so extravagant with their use of money when it was given to them by the royal family

What they did not know was that the Forsaken Land lacked everything except for the mineral products.

Shen Yanxiao had casually tossed those materials to the architect for their own use.

Other than the labor costs, the materials themselves did not cost a single cent.

“Everyone, we have 365 guest rooms here.

The interior of each room is different, and the prices of each room are also different.

If you have any requests, I can arrange them for you.” Uncle Nine, who was wearing gorgeous clothes, stood in front of everyone with a smile.

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