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Chapter 815: Pearl Milkstone (1)

It had to be said that the Hundred Year Spirit Weapon was extremely enticing to people.

Even though the auction was to be held in the Forsaken Land, where dangers lurked everywhere, there were still a group of fearless people who were ready to set off for Sun Never Sets.

The hands of rulers of the various countries had gone weak after approving so many permits to enter the Forsaken Land.

Other than the Longxuan Empire, the other three countries had already built their cities in the Forsaken Land, so their citizens could easily enter the Forsaken Land without a permit.

However, their destination was not their city, but the area where the Longxuan Empire controlled.

Thus, the people who were not from the Longxuan Empire had to obtain a permit from their rulers before they could enter the part of the Forsaken Land where the Longxuan Empire controlled.

Otherwise, any problems would incite a dispute between the four countries.

The Seventh Kingdom did not have a monarch because it was made out of seven small countries working together in conjunction.

The highest symbol of power was the Elders Council, and each country would send a representative to the council.

The God Wind Alliance was formed by five of the most powerful mercenary groups in the Brilliance Continent.

Although they did not have a monarch, they had leaders of those five mercenary groups forming an alliance with each other.

Of course, as a country filled with mercenaries, their fighting strength was not weak.

The ones who wanted to cry were the Emperor of the Blue Moon Dynasty and the Emperor of the Longxuan Empire.

Both of them were fighting alone in this battle of who could sign their permits faster!

If they did not sign fast enough, then the Hundred Year Spirit Weapon would very likely end up in some other countrys hands.

They were unwilling to see that happen, so they could only ignore their drowsiness and sign their permits in batches till the break of dawn.

Both of them had lost weight after three days of non-stop signing and their hands were cramping from holding a pen.

From that, one could see how grand the auction was going to be.

And that was exactly what Shen Yanxiao wanted.

However, she was currently not in the mood to care about how many people there would be present in the auction.

Yan Yu and Yang Xi had already arranged for the various treasures for the auction, and as the owner of a lot of the items in the catalogue, Shen Yanxiao had to go and take a look as well.

Even though there were many items for auction, most of them were taken out by the Vermilion Bird Family.

Although the Phantom Auction House would take a certain percentage of the profit as funds, most of the money would be given back to the owners of the treasures.

It was a rare opportunity to make money so Shen Yanxiao absolutely did not want to miss it.

She had been cooped up in her mansion for five days to produce a batch of advanced potions for the auction.

Ordinary potions were not eligible to participate in such a prestigious auction.

However, Shen Yanxiao was an Advanced Herbalist, and an advanced potion would not sell for too cheap.

Furthermore, the advanced potions that she concocted were highly sought after items so she was not afraid that there would be no market for them.

As she crouched in the storeroom, Shen Yanxiao looked at the rows of rare treasures, and her hands almost cramped from the itch.

Even as a thief goddess with professionalism, it was still quite a challenge to her perseverance to see so many treasures that she could not steal.

“The main item for this auction is the Hundred Year Spirit Weapon.

Qi Xia has arranged for it to be auctioned at the end, All the items have also been arranged according to their value.” Yan Yu held the bill and looked at the group of treasures calmly.

Even though it was arranged according to the prices, none of the items in the room were valued lower than ten thousand gold coins.

The lowest-grade items were some jewels, with each of them was the size of a pigeons egg.

They were also considered rare treasures in the Brilliance Continent.

Unfortunately, compared to other rarer treasures, they were considered common goods.

Shen Yanxiao had been a thief for many years so she had gradually developed a pair of keen eyes of an appraiser.

Her knowledge was comparable to an expert when it came to determining the quality of a gem.

She pulled out a few boxes of jewels and sat on the ground as she browsed through them.

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