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Chapter 814: City Opening (4)

Most importantly, there was an item they needed in the catalogue.

“Do you intend to go” Jun Mo glanced at Ouyang Huanyu.

That item was indeed hard to come by, and if they were to obtain it, it would be beneficial for their experiments.

Perhaps they could use it on Luo Fan.

Ouyang Huanyu shook his head, but the black-robed man took the lead and said, “If he doesnt want to go, I will.”

“You” Jun Mo quirked his eyebrows.

Among the three of them, the black-robed man was the most low-key.

On the surface, Ouyang Huanyu was the principal of Saint Laurent Academy while he was a Great Herbalist from the Blue Moon Dynasty.

However, the black-robed man had been hiding himself in the dark for all these while.

But, it was also a good idea for him to go.

At least he would not attract anyones attention.

“Not many people would recognize and prioritize the item we want.

Even if I were to buy it, I should not attract too much attention,” the black-robed man lazily said.

None of the items that the Phantom Auction House auctioned were ordinary items, and the most eye-catching item was definitely the Azure Dragon Familys Hundred Year Spirit Weapon.

For the sake of purchasing the weapon, not only were the forces in the Longxuan Empire taking action, but all the other three countries were doing it too.

When there were many good items in the catalogue, the item they wanted would easily go under the radar, making it easier for him to purchase without attracting any suspicion.

“Then you can go.

However, it is interesting that the Hundred Year Spirit Weapon would be auctioned off in Sun Never Sets.

Im afraid that it will cause another bloodbath.” A trace of viciousness flashed past Jun Mos eyes.

Every single Hundred Year Spirit Weapon that had appeared on the market was stained with blood.

And in order to protect themselves, the Azure Dragon Family would auction it off at the auction house every single time they created one.

This way, they could earn a lot of profit while preventing any disasters from befalling to their family.

That was smart of them.

Even though the Hundred Year Spirit Weapon had been auctioned off to the highest bidder, the highest bidder would rarely ever keep it for more than a few hours.

There were many such instances in the past where many of the Hundred Year Spirit Weapons had changed owners on the day of the auction.

In some instances, the original buyers were immediately killed right in front of the auction house, with their families following soon after to their graves.

A man with wealth but no strength to protect the wealth was useless.

Which one of those who could afford the Hundred Year Spirit Weapon were not famous experts who wielded control forces on the continent

Ordinary experts would not be able to afford it.

“Why Are you interested” The black-robed man raised his eyebrows and looked at Jun Mo.

“If you are interested, you can give me the money and I will buy it for you.”

Jun Mo said, “No matter how powerful a staff is, it is still a stick to me.”

Only magi and priests could use a staff.

Of the three of them, only Ouyang Huanyu could use a staff.

However, it seemed like Ouyang Huanyu was not interested in the Hundred Year Spirit Weapon.

“Keep a low-profile.

Now is not the time to cause trouble for Shen Yanxiao.

Lets talk about this after we get our hands on the item.

While were at it, we can also investigate the situation in Sun Never Sets.

Jun Mo rarely fails when he makes a move, so there must be something in Sun Never Sets that we dont know about.” Ouyang Huanyu did not mention anything about the Hundred Year Spirit Weapon.

It was as if the treasure that everyone would fight tooth and nail for was just a wooden stick in his eyes.

“I know my limits.” The black-robed man chuckled.

“If you encounter any trouble, bear with it for the time being.

You will know what to do after that,” Ouyang Huanyu said calmly.

A trace of gloominess flashed past the black-robed mans eyes.

Even though the item was quite under the radar, they could not guarantee that someone would not buy for their own pleasure.

Essentially, Ouyang Huanyu was telling the black-robed man to not get into too much of a conflict with others to arouse unnecessary suspicions.

If they couldnt get it through the legitimate way, they would just use a slightly more underhanded method to get what they wanted.

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