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Chapter 809: Demons Guild (4)

When Du Lang heard Shen Yanxiaos call, he immediately came back to his senses and stared awkwardly at Shen Yanxiao.

“City Lord.”

“Brother Du, please take a seat.

I called you here today because I need to discuss something with you.” Shen Yanxiao appeared calm but she was internally cracking up.

It was so fun watching Enchantress teasing Du Lang.

“Yes.” Du Lang quickly calmed his rapidly beating heart down and found a seat.

He did not know if these demons were deliberately making fun of him, but he was coincidentally seated right across Enchantress.

The moment Du Lang looked to his front, he could see Enchantress chest slowly moving with each breath she took, and his face turned even redder.

“Brother Du, you have led a mercenary group for quite a long time, right” Shen Yanxiao suddenly asked, breaking him from his reverie.

“It has been more than a decade.” Du Lang could not help but smile when he mentioned his mercenary group.

“Thats great.

I would like to have a mercenary guild in the city.

Brother Du, please help me.” Shen Yanxiao smiled.

“That is not difficult.

However, my mercenary group has a limited number of members, so it will be difficult to run a mercenary guild ourselves.” Every city would have a mercenary guild so it was not unusual for Shen Yanxiao to have thoughts of creating one.

However, Cave Wolves Mercenary Group did not have many members to begin with.

With their number, they could still manage as a mercenary group but they would not be able to run as a mercenary guild.

“If City Lord plans to recruit more mercenary groups to Sun Never Sets, then running a Mercenary Guild will not be too difficult.

The average mercenary guild has at least a dozen mercenary groups under their control.

However, if it is an elite mercenary guild City Lord wishes to create, then the mercenaries can be fewer, but we would still require a few hundred mercenaries.”

“That is not a problem.

However, I do not intend to recruit any mercenary groups into the guild.” Sun Never Sets was her territory, and it was also her most important asset.

She could not guarantee that she would not face some power-hungry mercenaries if she were to recruit an unknown group.

Unlike a bunch of merchants, a mercenary group could easily cause a ton of trouble.

They are not planning to recruit any mercenary groups Du Lang thought.

There were not many people in Sun Never Sets who could fight.

Uncle Nine and his group had their own responsibilities, so it was impossible for them to become mercenaries.

The slaves, who were bought over, did not have any battle aura or magic, forcing them to only do some basic daily task; they were not good fits to be mercenaries.

“City Lord, may I know who would be joining the mercenary guild” Du Lang could not think of a suitable candidate, so he could only seek answers from Shen Yanxiao.

Shen Yanxiao looked at Du Lang with a smile and then at the group of advanced-ranked demons.

Following where she was looking at, Du Lang was speechless.

“Brother Du, what do you think about Enchantress and the rest”

Surely… not…

Du Lang almost passed out.

Advanced-ranked demons were stronger than the seven wolves.

Even Enchantress could easily hold her ground against all of them by herself.

There was no problem with their strength, but realistically speaking…

“City Lord, are you sure” Du Lang asked with difficulty.

“Is it not good There are hundreds of advanced-ranked demons in Sun Never Sets, and the number will increase in the future.

Isnt it a good choice for them to gradually integrate themselves into our society” Shen Yanxiao blinked.

She did not think that her words were shocking at all.

Du Lang almost knelt down in front of her.

City Lord, I know that you like to take the more unusual paths, but isnt this decision too shocking

She wanted hundreds of advanced-ranked demons to form a guild and work for the humans who used to be their food

Du Lang wanted to cry.

He felt that the idea was horrifying.

Their mercenary guild was going to be made up of hundreds of advanced-ranked demons.

How luxurious was this lineup However, had City Lord considered the feelings of her citizens

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