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Chapter 805: Loud Clapping (3)

The five beasts were despicable, and so they found a despicable method for Shen Yanxiao to vent her frustrated feelings.

As expected, Shen Yanxiaos expression immediately calmed down when she heard that.

“Seventh day of the seventh month Its May now, so there are about two months left.” Shen Yanxiao touched her chin in ponderment.

She felt the competition was a great idea.

It would be great if she could outright beat Geng Di in public.

Furthermore, she would beat him until he would have to look for his teeth all over the ground in front of all the elites in the Forsaken Land.

That was definitely better than wreaking havoc in Fantasy Devil City.

The aristocrats of the Blue Moon Dynasty cherished their reputation, and Shen Yanxiao loved to make them lose face.

“Are we going to settle it in the competition” Qi Xia looked at Shen Yanxiao as he tried to sound her out.

This girl would not care about the consequences of her actions if she were to explode.

If he did not appease her, it would probably be another bloodbath.

“Yes, but we still have to investigate the people who are backing Fantasy Devil City.

It is always better to be prepared.” Shen Yanxiao had no bottom line when it came to revenge, as she thought about how she would continue to cause trouble while beating up their lord.

The five beasts were speechless.

They thought that the little girl was easy to talk to.

It turned out that they had misunderstood …

“I will send someone to investigate that, but the most urgent matter at hand is the auction,” Qi Xia said.

Sun Never Sets had been completed, and they only needed to open the gate to welcome the guests.

According to their previous plan, the auction would be the main way to publicize Sun Never Sets to the Brilliance Continent.

“I have listed all the items for auction on the list.

After we confirm the auction houses name and the time, we can get someone to spread the news.” No one would dare to claim to be number one if Qi Xia claimed to be number two in the subject of management.

Shen Yanxiao was also at ease when she left those tasks to him.

“The auction will be set in half a month.

As for the name of the auction house …” Shen Yanxiao touched her chin and narrowed her eyes in deep thought.

“How about we call it Sun Never Sets Auction House” Tang Nazhi suggested.

“Can you use your brain” Qi Xia looked at Tang Nazhi with contempt.

“…” Tang Nazhi puffed his cheeks.

Was he not using his brain That was such a fitting name!

“Why dont we call it Phantom” Shen Yanxiao decided to name the auction house after their small organization.

The auction house did not only belong to her, but it also belonged to the five of them.

“I like it.” Yang Xi was the first to raise his hand in agreement.

“I agree.”

“To the top floor.”

“The commenter above …”

“ 1.”

Under the influence of Shen Yanxiaos modern words, the five of them had learned some phrases from another world.

Shen Yanxiao did not know whether she should laugh or cry as she looked at these five people.

They were not good at learning, but they were all good at copying.

With that, the Phantom Auction House was finalized.

The six members of Phantom started to get busy in their respective posts.

Qi Xia had his men spread the news about the auction house to every corner of the Brilliance Continent.

Yang Xi and Yan Yu made arrangements for the treasures that they had transported, while Tang Nazhi and Li Xiaowei were responsible for the decorations in the auction house.

Shen Yanxiao immediately gathered the high-ranked demons in Sun Never Sets and told them that a large number of humans would enter the city in half a months time.

She also told them to manage their subordinate demons and to not wander around during crucial times.

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