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Chapter 801: Blasphemy (2)

Shen Yanxiao was greatly shaken by what Yun Qi had said.

Those Warlocks used the god, who had sacrificed his life for the benefit of the world, for their experiments.

How dare they disrespect such a valiant god!

“That is too much!” When Ye Qing heard that, he could no longer contain his anger.

That god had saved the world, ending the possibility that the devils would attack the continent ever again.

However, in the end, a group of shameless humans didnt even give him the needed respect, but instead used him for their experiments.

“Are they even human!” No matter how good-tempered a person was, no one could not contain their anger when they heard that.

Except for the Devil race, the God race was the faith of all races.

The position of the God race in the hearts of all races was elevated to an exalted status.

No matter how heartless a criminal was, he would never even dirty the statues of the God race.

That was the admiration and gratitude of all living beings towards the God race.

Those who blasphemed against the gods had already abandoned all beliefs.

“They are no longer humans.

In order to achieve their goals, they would resort to even the most extreme of means.

For them, gods and devils are merely test subjects for their experiments.” Yun Qi smiled sadly.

He could not describe the shock and sadness he felt when he saw the frozen god.

“When I found out about the death of my wife and children, I was disheartened.

Even though I wanted to kill them, I knew that I was not strong enough to fight against them.

Therefore, to soothe my anger, I tampered with their souls.” Yun Qis lips curled into a sneer.

That was his greatest act of revenge against those animals.

“They have always wanted to integrate the eight races, but the repulsion between the gods and the devils was too strong.

There is almost zero possibility of integrating the two races.

However, I knew that they would never stop their experiments.

Perhaps, one day, they would find a suitable vessel to fulfill their wishes, but I would never allow that to happen.

Therefore, I activated the gods soul.

Even though the gods soul would not regain consciousness for a long time, as long as he recovered his consciousness, he would never allow himself to suffer in the hands of those Warlocks ever again.”

“Xiaoxiao, you said that they have completed the integration of the seven races, and Lan Fengli standing with us is an example of their experiment.

I believe that it is not because they have not found a way to integrate the soul of the God race into Lan Fengli, but because they have lost that gods soul!” Yun Qi knew his former peers very well.

They would never give up on that final step if they had already integrated the seven races into one body.

The only thing that could stop them was if they didnt have the resources to do so, which most likely meant that they had lost the gods soul.

Without the soul of the God race, they no longer had any hopes of integrating all the eight races.

That was because there was only one god left in the world, and they had lost him.

Once he was lost, there were no other substitutes.

Yun Qi smiled, but there were tears in the corner of his eyes.

He had taken his revenge, but he had also lost everything.

What he had lost was irreversible.

“Teacher …” Shen Yanxiao looked at Yun Qi with sadness in her eyes.

Her heart felt as if it was pricked by a thousand needles.

Yun Qi lowered his head with eyes filled with tears.

“Even though they could not fulfill their long-cherished wish, Xiaoxiao, you mentioned that since Lan Fengli exists, then they should still be alive.

If that is the case, do you know how dangerous it is for you to keep Lan Fengli by your side For them, Lan Fengli should be the most perfect specimen they have right now.

His disappearance will definitely cause panic amongst them, and they will spare no effort to find him.

If they were to discover that Lan Fengli is with you, Im afraid they will spare no effort to try and steal him back, even if it meant eradicate you.”

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