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Shen Feng appeared to be alone in his room.

He took a deep breath and sat on the chair while his gaze looked towards the back of the screen inside the room.

“You knew that the Vermillion Bird would choose Xiaoxiao if she went to the Lava Valley.

Was that why you insisted that I let her go with them as a candidate” Shen Feng suddenly asked the seemingly empty room.

“It doesnt matter whether I knew or not.

Now that youve welcomed the return of the Vermilion Bird and you also managed to protect your granddaughter at the same time, isnt that great” As a gentle voice answered him, Shen Siyu in a light-blue robe slowly walked out from behind the screen.

His usual gentle demeanor was replaced with a cold gaze.

“Youre right, its great.” Shen Feng nodded.

“Then that should be enough.

Tell your subordinates to make the appropriate arrangements over at the Saint Laurent Academy.

Before she graduates, do not let anyone other than the Vermilion Bird Family know about her information.” Shen Siyu looked at Shen Feng with an air of indifference, a far cry from the usual respect that he displayed for Shen Feng.

Shen Feng looked at the entirely different Shen Siyu, but he seemed to be accustomed to his cold attitude.

It was not Shen Fengs impromptu decision to add Shen Yanxiaos name as a candidate for the Vermillion Bird.

That choice was made on that young mans insistence.

“Are you afraid that the other families would take action”

Shen Siyu nodded and said, “Before she can protect herself, I will not allow anyone to harm her.”

“By the way, what do you think of that herbalist specialization” Shen Yanxiao had returned to her room, and at that moment, she was seated on the chair.

She cared about Shen Fengs suggestion, and his actions also moved her.

However, she had no intentions to reveal her strength in magic and battle aura yet.

Her power was still insufficient, and if she were to expose herself too soon, it would only allow the enemy more time to plan for her defeat.

The Vermilion Bird laid on the bed and he had finally recovered some vitality after he got some rest.

However, his remarkably arrogant expression had also returned.

“Being an herbalist is a pretty good choice, but the question is whether you have enough energy to learn it.” Xiu paid very close attention of Shen Yanxiaos effort to become stronger.

“There shouldnt be a problem.

The main issue would be to undo the seal.

Everything else is manageable.” Shen Yanxiao somewhat understood her situation.

Once her seal was undone, she would advance rapidly like a rocket, and so, she did not have to worry about the time that she would need to spend for the training in magic and battle aura.

Instead, the herbalist profession that looked profitable had aroused her interest.

“In that case, give it a try.

However, an ordinary herbalist isnt useful.

Only an advanced herbalist would be able to maximize the advantages of that profession.” Xiu said after he had seriously analyzed the situation for her.

“Hold on!” The Vermilion Bird, who had been sleeping like a corpse on the bed, suddenly leapt to his feet.

He looked at Shen Yanxiao and asked, “You mentioned a seal What kind of seal”

Shen Yanxiao looked at him and then rolled up her sleeve to reveal the Seven Star Moon Seal on her arm.

“The Seven Star Moon Seal” the Vermilion Bird looked at Shen Yanxiao in shock.

“Young lady, who did you offend that they would go to such great efforts to cast a Seven Star Moon Seal on you”

Shen Yanxiao looked at the Vermilion Bird in confusion.

It seemed like he also knew about that seal.

“You know of this seal”

The Vermilion Bird snorted.

“Obviously! Ive lived for at least tens of thousands of years, and this Seven Star Moon Seal was invented a thousand years ago during the war between the gods and the devils.

It was used to seal powerful battle gods that were held captive on both sides.

You are merely an ordinary human, so why would anyone use such a powerful seal to suppress your strength”

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