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“I am old, and even if I wanted to care for you, Im afraid I dont have much time left.

Even though youve obtained the Vermilion Bird now and your uncles wont dare to provoke you, you still need to know how to protect yourself.

The five great aristocratic families may look harmonious on the surface, but our private relations arent the best.

Our relationship had worsened while the five mythical beasts were dormant.

If you want to inherit the position as the Family Head, you need to have self-preservation skills.

Therefore, I have arranged for you to enroll at the Saint Laurent Academy, and you will have to study diligently.” Shen Feng frowned.

He was still worried about many things in the future.

Fortunately, his granddaughter had recovered her intellect, and she could already guess what he did not specifically mention.

“But, I dont know a single thing about herbalism.” Shen Yanxiao was vexed.

She could train in both magic and battle aura, but she knew nothing about herbalism.

Her understanding of herbalism was limited to about how expensive those few bottles of low-grade disguise potions were.

“Dont worry.

I wont let you attempt the impossible.” Shen Feng smiled gently and pointed toward the gorgeous woman on the painting.

“The world knew of your mothers beauty, but none knew that she was also a powerful advanced-level herbalist.”

“What” Shen Yanxiao was stunned.

She looked at the beautiful woman in the scroll painting as she digested the news that she had just heard.

“Your mothers family was very mysterious.

When she appeared in Longxuan Empire, she attracted countless attention due to her appearance.

When your father met your mother back then, I had also sent someone to investigate her identity, but I found nothing.

Later on, your father insisted on marrying her, and I didnt object.

After they were married, your mother came to me and told me that she was an advanced herbalist.

However, she asked me to keep it a secret, and she secretly concocted potions for our family.”

After Wen Ya married into the Vermilion Bird Family, the supply of their potions had overtaken the other four families.

There was a rumor that the Vermilion Bird Family had a secret advanced herbalist.

However, no one knew that it was the young lady of the house who had just entered the family.

“I believe your mothers family isnt that simple.

However, they took no actions, even after her death.

You are her daughter, and you would have naturally inherited her talents.

Perhaps that was why you couldnt train in magic or battle aura.” Shen Feng gravely said, “No matter what, you must learn diligently while youre at the Saint Lauren Academy.

It would be good if you inherited your mothers talents.

However, if it doesnt work out, I will think of another method to ensure your safety.”

Shen Fengs hands were no longer tied as Shen Yanxiao was the master of the Vermillion Bird.

At least the rest of the family would not be able to threaten Shen Yanxiaos safety, and he could make more arrangements for her.

Shen Yanxiao sniffled.

Shen Feng had done all that he could for her.

Every method that he had thought of was out of consideration for her.

“Alright, you should return to your room first.

Have a good rest during this period, and after a few days, I will have Shen Siyu to help you to familiarize yourself with our familys matters.” Shen Feng patted Shen Yanxiaos shoulders and sent the emotionally-moved little girl on her way.

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