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Chapter 789: Returning to Sun Never Sets (1)

After three days of preparation, the Vermilion Bird Family had finally packed all their belongings.

Moreover, their mode of transport was not the usual carriages, but instead, mythical beasts!

When the trembling Shen Ling stepped onto Azure Dragons scales, he felt that his life was at its peak—that feeling was shared between the group of bodyguards.

Those servants who were fortunately enough to ride on a mythical beast felt that they were dreaming.

By following the seventh young miss, they had food to eat and mythical beasts to ride on.

From that alone, they decided that they would never leave the Vermilion Bird Family for the rest of their lives.

Everyone tried to maintain a poker-face and looked steadily forward as they excitedly sat on Azure Dragon.

However, they had secretly stretched out their trembling hands and stroked the glossy dragon scales.

In that instant, all of them were so excited to the extent they were about to cry.

This was a legendary mythical beast for goodness sake! Was it alright for them to treat it as a mode of transport

This was too much of a luxury!

“Xiaoxiao, wheres Lord Vermilion Bird” Shen Ling had practically clung onto Azure Dragon as he used his entire body to feel the power radiated from a mythical beast.

“I sent Vermilion Bird back to explain the situation in advance.”

Shen Ling nodded in a trance.

Shen Yanxiao had basically treated the mythical beasts as a means of transportation and a messenger.

Are you sure thats fine

The greatest advantage of riding a mythical beast was its ability to avoid the border checks.

Moreover, Shen Yanxiao was leaving together with her family in the middle of the night.

With no one knowing their whereabouts, it would slow down the Broken Star Palaces search for them to a certain degree.

As for the estate of the Vermilion Bird Family, it had already become an empty shell overnight while Shen Yanxiao and her party slowly flew towards Sun Never Sets.

It was already afternoon when they arrived in the city three days later.

Other than those five comrades of hers, there were eight people from the Vermilion Bird Family who followed Shen Yanxiao to Sun Never Sets.

Not including Shen Ling, Shen Feng and Shen Qiu, they had only brought along the five loyal guards.

With Yan Yu and Shen Qiu taking care of him for the past few days, Shen Feng had more or less recovered.

However, he became increasingly nervous as they got nearer to the Forsaken Land.

He was really sure that the city Shen Yanxiao had been allocated was still currently in the process of clearing the demons.

Even though they had six mythical beasts on their side so the journey would not pose much danger, they still had to be prudent.

But as Azure Dragon came closer to the city, Shen Feng revealed a strange expression.

“Whats that” From a certain distance, Shen Feng saw a towering city whose city walls seemed to be shining under the sunlight.

There was unexpectedly such a majestic city in this ruined and barren land Even after thousands of years, there was not the slightest trace of wear and tear, as if it was newly constructed.

As a result, it seemed exceptionally eye-catching.

Shen Yanxiao looked at his direction when she saw Sun Never Sets in the distance.

Then she smiled and said, “Grandpa, welcome to Sun Never Sets, our future home.”

“Thats… Sun Never Sets” Shen Feng widened his eyes.

The appearance of the city in his imagination was entirely different from what was in front of him.

He found it somewhat hard to digest.

“This main city of the Devil race is so powerful.

Even after thousands of years of war, it is still standing strong.” The group of bodyguards who saw the city from afar felt shocked.

Tang Nazhi rolled his eyes at their comment.

Shen Yanxiao only recently finished building the city.

The previous city was practically inhabitable as it looked as if it would collapse any second.

The five of them were clear about the situation in Sun Never Sets, but seeing that Shen Yanxiao had not explained, they obediently shut their mouths.

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