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Chapter 788: You Have to be Determined When Hugging Ones Thigh (2)

Yan Hua suddenly became full of energy as he said, “Take whatever you need! Right, the Jiuyou Jiugang pill has just been completed, Ill bring them to you later.”

Yang Qiong brought along a group of bodyguards and gathered around the entrance of their weapon depot.

He pointed at Yang Xi who was holding onto the Hundred Year Spirit Weapon and roared, “Bastard, what are you doing! Hurry and put that weapon down.

Believe it or not, I will hit you even if you are my…”

“Grandpa, I wish to bring this spirit weapon to the Sun Never Sets auction.

Xiaoxiaos city is about to be open to the public.” Yang Xi revealed an innocent expression.

Yang Qiong was momentarily stunned.

He then quickly blinked his eyes before turning to those guards around him.

“Why are you still in a daze Go and retrieve all the decent weapons and pack it up for your young master! Be quick!”

Tang Aos mouth twitched as he looked at Tang Nazhi who was hugging his thigh and crying in the corner of his room.

He was seriously considering if he should slap that grandson of his to death.

“Grandpa, is there anything in our house that can be auctioned off” Tang Nazhi looked at Tang Ao with a weeping expression while he tightly clung onto his grandpas thigh.

Tang Ao very much wanted to strangle this idiot to death.

Their Black Tortoise Family had businesses all around the continent.

When had they fallen so low to the extent they needed to auction away their items!

“Scram! If you continue bothering me, I will slap you to death!” Tang Ao impatiently shook his leg, wanting to kick that fool away.

However, Tang Nazhi continued wailing and refused to give up.

Li Xiaowei stiffly stood at one side.

In fact, he had no idea what to do.

“Bro…” Tang Nazhi looked towards Li Xiaowei while receiving Tang Aos brutal kicks.

Li Xiaowei shivered.

“Theres another leg.” Tang Nazhi secretly hinted.

Li Xiaowei honestly felt like dying of embarrassment.

But the next second, he caught himself latching onto Tang Aos other leg.

At that moment, he felt that his pride was shattered to a million pieces.

“Grandpa, give us something! Anything will do!”

Tang Ao glared at his two bastard grandsons, who were hugging his thighs.

What sins had he committed to have raised two idiots

“The both of you, thats enough! You have no lack of food or clothing, and yet you came here to ask for something to auction.

Are you sick of living” Tang Aos eyes turned bloodshot as he seriously considered if he should directly slap these two grandsons of his to death.

“Nooooo! Grandpa, Xiaoxiaos city is about to open and she intends to organize an auction to attract people.

Qi Xia and the rest have all brought items to support her, but bro and I have nothing to show for.

Its so embarrassing! Yang Xi that asshole has even taken out the Hundred Year Spirit Weapon.

So, you cant possibly let us go empty handed, right” No matter what, Tang Nazhi would rather die than be embarrassed.

Tang Ao suddenly deflated and he looked at Tang Nazhi in doubt.

“Is that true”

Tang Nazhi firmly nodded.

“Its absolutely true.”

Tang Ao squinted his eyes and stood up.

“Ha! Those few old bastards are surely conniving.

How dare they have their grandsons rob my future granddaughter-in-law! You two idiots, you better listen up.

You can choose anything in our storage room, and you better not embarrass your grandpa at this point in time.

I dont believe that my Black Tortoise Family cannot be compared with the other three!”

Tang Nazhi had an expression of extreme shock.

Even though the way his grandpa understood the problem was rather ridiculous, the result was still good.

In any case, at least they would not show up empty-handed!

Hoho, hugging ones thigh or whatever is the best!

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