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Chapter 787: You Have to be Determined When Hugging Ones Thigh (1)

“That is a good idea, but will your grandpa and the rest… accept the circumstances in Sun Never Sets” Tang Nazhi blinked.

In all honesty, the number of demons was currently increasing at a rapid pace with hundreds of demons coming in to seek refuge every single day.

Right now, the number had exceeded forty thousand, and not to mention Shen Feng, even they themselves, who had resided in the city for an extended period of time, were frightened when they saw the flood of demons underground.

Shen Yanxiao pursed her lips.

The answer was obviously no!

That grandpa of hers had yet to fully recover so he could not be agitated in the slightest.

She was worried that Shen Feng would directly faint upon witnessing the flood of demons in her city.

“I think you might as well send Vermilion Bird back in advance to explain the situation to Du Lang and the rest.

For the time being, dont let your grandpa know the situation inside the city.

After he slowly familiarizes himself with those high-ranked demons, we can slowly explain it to him.” Qi Xia touched his chin in ponderment.

The tolerance of an elder might not be sufficient to handle the shock, so to prevent extreme joy turning to sorrow, they could only take things step by step

“Alright.” Shen Yanxiao agreed with Qi Xias suggestion.

With that plan in mind, Shen Yanxiao sent Vermilion Bird back to Sun Never Sets in the afternoon, while she and the rest took care of some other matters after the completion of the city.

For example… the auction they had previously discussed.

The best method to attract merchants would be to fool them first, then let them have a view of the treasures lying all around the Forsaken Land.

After which, they would scheme for them to invest.

With the current situation of the Vermilion Bird Family, they were incapable of bringing out any valued items.

Shen Duan had more or less gifted everything of value within the Vermilion Bird Family to the Broken Star Palace in order to please Ruan Yingzhe.

Therefore, the only thing they had was only money.

In regards to that aspect, the five of them were rather supportive and helpful.

Qi Xia utilized the power of the Qilin Family and seized all the auction items that were spread throughout his familys Auction House within the Longxuan Empire

Whereas Yan Yu opened the doors of his familys storage and swept away all the precious medicinal ingredients one by one.

Yang Xi had even straightforwardly promised for their familys Hundred Year Spirit Weapon to be auctioned in Sun Never Sets.

As for Tang Nazhi and Li Xiaowei…

They could only depressingly draw circles in a small corner.

The items in their family were also pretty good, but it was inconvenient to sell.

The few of them did not encounter any difficulties or obstacles with the preparations.

Even their respective grandpas did not give them any problems.

But of course, the inside story was in fact…

When Qi Cang saw the bill Qi Xia passed to him, his eyeballs nearly fell out of its socket.

“You prodigal son of mine! Why are you taking so many items!” This bastard son of his was taking away all the valuable items to be auctioned during this period of time! Was he thinking of rebelling

Qi Xia indifferently said, “Xiaoxiao wants to organize an auction in her city, Im taking these items to support her.”

Qi Cangs expression immediately turned bright as he smiled.

“So its Xiaoxiao who needs it.

Why didnt you bring it up earlier Your second uncle recently obtained a batch of rare magical cores, Ill have him send them over shortly.”

“Ah Yu, you have a weak constitution so you cant possibly digest all these medicines, so why are you taking all of them out” Yan Hua trembled when he saw Yan Yu frantically sweeping all the medicine from their storage room.

A crack had appeared on his loving face.

Yan Yu did not even bother to raise his head as he continued to stuff the medicine in his bag as he replied, “Xiaoxiaos city is about to be open to the public, and I have to show some sincerity.”

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