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Chapter 786: Shameless, Too Shameless (4)

Shen Yanxiao truly intended to grill them about this secret of theirs but she suddenly smelled something nice coming from the door to the kitchen.

Luckily, Yan Yu was quick with his hands, as some tasty breakfast was ready before Shen Yanxiao could dig deeper into their forbidden secret.

He held a bowl of millet congee with a fragrant smell in each hand.

He gave one bowl to Shen Yanxiao and the other bowl to himself as a reward.

Then he sat down to enjoy the delicious food.

The ingredient was so simple but Yan Yu was able to turn mundane into wonder.

Members of the Phantom believed that if someday Yan Yu decided to become a professional chef, he would force a lot of restaurants out of business.

The other four beasts smelled the fragrant smell and gulped.

“Yu, do you have more” Tang Nazhi licked his lips.

He was kicked out of his house so early in the morning that he had not had breakfast yet.

Yan Yu darted him a glance.

“Do you want some”

The four beasts nodded at the same time.

“Chew on your own paws.”


He was retaliating! He was seeking revenge!

The four beasts felt tears flowing down their cheeks.

They could not provoke Shen Yanxiao, the cruel girl, nor Yan Yu who was the source of their daily sustenance.

If they displeased him, he would not give them food!

The four beasts bellies were rumbling.

They watched helplessly as Shen Yanxiao and Yan Yu having a good time with their food, longing for a share.

However, Yan Yu had made up his mind.

He turned a blind eye to the four who almost gave him a heart attack earlier.

Yan Yu paid no attention to them no matter how they pretended to be sorry.

After Yan Yu and Shen Yanxiao were filled, the four felt even hungrier.

Shen Ling just happened to walk past.

He saw Shen Yanxiao and Yan Yu who were clearly well-fed and the other four that were seeing stars in hunger.

He laughed and said, “You all have come so early today.

Have you had breakfast yet How about I have someone cook something for you”

Before yesterday, Shen Ling was not familiar with the five beasts.

However, when he saw these young men coming together to save Shen Yanxiao, he suddenly realized that Shen Yanxiao had made good friends.

Love me and love my dog.

Because of that, Shen Ling thought highly of the five beasts.

The rescue plan had a stunning beginning but a tragic ending.

That being said, Shen Ling had seen how sincere those boys were.

“Uncle Ling! You are such a nice person!” Tang Nazhi looked at Shen Ling with his watery eyes.

Shen Ling was now his idol!

“Ah” Shen Ling was confused.

He was just going to have some breakfast prepared for them.

Why was he already regarded as a nice person When did the bar to be a nice person get so low

“Dont mind them.” Shen Yanxiao curled her lips.

The five beasts had no other habits other than playing crazy or being a scourge to the world.

Shen Ling chucked.

He then ordered a servant to cook breakfast while he went off to take care of his own business.

Finally, the four beasts could have a freshly cooked breakfast.

After gorging all of it down, they were perfectly satisfied.

Shen Yanxiao was speechless.

They were from the four aristocratic families.

Did they have to be so grateful just for breakfast It was not like they were served breakfast served in the palace.

It was just some millet congee.

Did they have to have such exaggerated reactions

If they saw the scene, people would have thought they just fled out of some refugee camp.

“What are your plans for the future Ruan Yingzhe is dead but the Broken Star Palace will receive the news soon.

The Vermilion Bird Family will face tremendous dangers in the days ahead.” Qi Xia rubbed his flat belly.

“I have discussed it with grandpa.

In a few days, they are going to Sun Never Sets with me,” Shen Yanxiao replied.

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