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Chapter 784: Shameless, Too Shameless (2)

“…” Shen Yanxiao blinked.

She seemed to remember that before she turned in for the night, she had found four servants and told them about certain matters concerning “asking for payment of the debt”.

“What about it” Shen Yanxiao went on asking.

“What about it How can you ask that with a straight face” Tang Nazhi struggled to sit down on a chair as he replied to Shen Yanxiao with a question.

This morning, he was still asleep when he heard someone beating gongs outside his gates.

He immediately got up to take a look, only to see a man in the Vermilion Bird Familys uniform outside the gate.

The man was carrying a flag and clanging the gong in his hand wildly.

When he saw the words written on the flag, Tang Nazhi became speechless…

“Black Tortoise Family, pay me back 13,923 gold coins.

Thank you!”

Tang Ao went outside with Tang Nazhi at that time.

When Tang Ao saw the words on the flag, he almost stopped breathing!

“Arent you being too mean You sent someone to collect money and to make it worse, he was beating the gong so loudly that a lot of strangers were standing there for a nice show.

Were you asking for money or our lives” Tang Nazhi almost wanted to pay homage to Shen Yanxiao for her shameless yet innovative way of asking for money!

Compared to the wealth of the five aristocratic families, ten thousand gold coins were like a drop in a bucket.

Look at this girl.

She sent people to their families, waving flags and clanging gongs.

It was truly a cruel method, as their family estates were tightly packed by those nosey spectators looking for entertainment.

The number on the flag was accurate to the extreme.

Those Family Heads wished they could smash their heads on the walls to death.

That was not a large amount of money, so why was Shen Yanxiao making such a big deal!

For a moment, the four aristocratic families became the topic of conversation in the capital.

The high-profile Family Heads could not repudiate a debt in public, so they sent out the money at once.


Those servants from the Vermilion Bird Family followed Shen Yanxiaos orders to the tee.

Instead of going home after receiving the money, they sat down on the spot and began to count the gold coins, one by one.

They spent over an hour sorting through the pile of gold coins.

The Family Heads stood there, pulling a long face as they watched as the servants counted the money slowly.

Those amused looks from the spectators almost shamed the Family Heads to death.

“You are shameless.” Yang Xi could not help but exclaim.

He was filled with apprehension when he thought of how sullen his grandpa was this morning.

They knew Shen Yanxiao well enough to tell that she was getting back at them.

This girl must be “holding a grudge” because they vandalized her family estate last night.

So this morning, she sent people over deliberately to provoke their grandpas.

“Oh, I see.” Shen Yanxiao nodded calmly.

She did not think what she did was frenzied at all.

“Anyway, you have all repaid your debts, right”





The five beasts stared at that audacious girl with the same kind of cruelty in their eyes.

How could she not feel sorry at all and focus her entire mind on that small amount of money

Could she be more thick-skinned

As for that question, look at what she did! Of course, they had paid her.

If they refused to give the money, the servants from the Vermilion Bird Family would stand at their doors and beat the gongs for the entire day.

Their family members had to leave the house at some point! They still had to think about their dignity!

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