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Chapter 776: Story of the Past (7)

Shen Yanxiao supposed that Shen Feng and Shen Qiu were hiding the information because she had met that person and knew him.

However, they had to hide his identity because of sensitive issues.

Shen Duan and Shen Yue could not have been that mysterious man, and Shen Ling did not know about this.

When Shen Duan revealed that she was sent back to the Vermillion Bird Family, Shen Ling was surprised, and he could not have faked being that shocked.

Evidently, Shen Ling, just like her, thought Shen Feng had just found her somewhere.

If that man was not Shen Ling, who was it

There were few people of the Vermilion Family that were still alive now at that time.

Only a man that was alive now could explain why Shen Qiu and Shen Feng were holding back.

Who was that

All of a sudden, the image of a refined man came into her mind.

She gasped and stared at Shen Qiu in shock.

At her shock, Shen Qiu was visibly nervous.

Shen Yanxiaos look made him ill at ease.

“D-Dont overthink it.

You are tired today.

Go to bed.

I will check if your grandpas medicine is ready.” Shen Qiu was about to turn away and leave as soon as he finished.

But Shen Yanxiao stopped him.

“Uncle Qiu, where is Brother Siyu”

For a second there, Shen Qiu looked stiff.

He wanted to turn around and run away, but he couldnt.

He was stunned on the spot.

“Young Master Siyu is on a mission your grandpa has assigned to him.

He is not back yet…”

“A mission What is it Our family had just experienced a crisis.

Why didnt grandpa send someone to inform him Isnt grandpa worried that Shen Siyu would be prosecuted by Shen Duan when he comes back” Shen Yanxiao squinted as she threw out a flurry of questions.

Shen Qiu was shivering as if the questions were frightening him.

“I dont know.

Maybe everything happened too abruptly and your grandpa has not had the chance to let him know yet.”

“Abruptly” Shen Yanxiao stepped forward until she was right in front of Shen Qiu.

She then gazed deeply at him.

Looking at his reflection from her pupils, he could see that he looked very unsettled.

“Uncle Qiu, here something I always find strange.

What is it in the Vermilion Bird Family that needs Brother Siyu to be busy running about outside in the world all year long without the chance to return for months As far as I know, the Vermillion Bird Family has designated people managing our properties in all locations.

Every quarter, the books would be sent here.

So, why does Brother Siyu have to leave the Vermilion Bird Family”

“I dont know…” Shen Qiu dared not look into Shen Yanxiaos eyes.

His heart was pumping quickly.

Nervously, he turned to the side to avoid her piercing eyes.

“You dont know Then, Uncle Qiu, you must know when grandpa adopted Brother Siyu as his grandson, right” Apart from Shen Feng, no second soul knew when Shen Siyu became a member of the Vermilion Bird Family.

Even Shen Ling found out in recent years that Shen Feng had adopted a grandson.

As for the background of Shen Siyu or why he was adopted, Shen Feng made no reference.

Shen Siyu entered the Vermilion Bird Family just like that, as Shen Fengs adopted grandson.

In the entire Vermilion Bird Family, apart from Shen Feng, no one was familiar with Shen Siyu.

He was in the Vermilion Bird Family for over a decade.

However, the number of days he actually lived here was few and far between.

Every year, he would come back for less than five times.

Every time he came back, he would leave again in a couple of days.

Where did he go What was he doing No one knew.

Shen Feng just mentioned that he had something for Shen Siyu to do.

But what kind of mission needed Shen Feng to avoid telling Shen Ling and his other sons for years

Shen Yanxiao never thought carefully about this.

She had just realized that she, the closest person to Shen Siyu apart from her grandpa, knew absolutely nothing about Shen Siyus whereabouts.

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