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Chapter 773: Story of the Past (4)

“Cruel Compared to you, Id say I am an angel.” Shen Yanxiao sneered.

She then stared at Shen Yifengs trembling hand and went on with a chuckle, “There is study that shows that the fingers are linked to the heart.

I wonder if it will hurt if I smash your fingers into meat paste.”

“Dont you dare touch him! I will tell you everything!” Shen Duan was very clear about the current situation.

To be killed was not a big deal.

But Shen Yanxiao was pressuring him with the son he cared about the most.

In the end, he would lose his life no matter what, but he did not wish to see his precious son suffer because of his stubbornness.

“How smart you are.” Shen Yanxiao smiled deviously.

“Uncle, please tell me the truth about my parents death.”

Shen Duan took a deep breath.

“Back in the day, your grandpa loved your father dearly.

At that point, I knew that if I let him live, the Vermilion Bird Family would become his sooner or later.

I still remember back then when you were born that year.

Your father planned to take your mother and you to the Lunar Continent, hoping to visit your mothers family.

When I got the news, I intercepted them on their way.

I bribed your fathers guards and they drugged your parents meal.

I took advantage of that night and killed your parents.

I wanted to remove all sources of troubles—that means killing you as well.

However, that night, a mysterious man protected you.

I was not a match for him.

He asked for you and I complied, although unwillingly.

I just didnt expect that five months later, you would be sent back to the Vermilion Bird Family.

When you were taken away by the mysterious man, I thought I would never see you again in my life.

How could I know that you would suddenly come back However, after your return, Shen Qiu informed us that you were born mentally retarded.

When I heard that, I saw no point in troubling myself with you anymore, so I left you alone.”

Shen Duan plainly told the story of the murder as if it were just an everyday occurrence to him.

However, for Shen Yanxiao and Shen Feng, every word Shen Duan said was like a knife that was slicing bits off their hearts.

“Mysterious man Do you know who he was” Shen Yanxiao suppressed her fury and asked.

Shen Duan shook his head.

“I dont know.

But I do know that he was an expert of the second class promotion.

It was obvious that he was hiding his identity on purpose.

On that night, he was under a disguise and his actions were prudent.

I could not even tell what his profession was.”

Shen Yanxiao was baffled.

Who was that mysterious man Why did he take her away Why would he send her back after five months

Shen Yanxiao was sure that Shen Duan was unlikely to tell a lie at this time.

However, Shen Duans answer just gave her more questions than appeasing her doubts.

“Xiu, do you know who that was” Shen Yanxiao asked in her mind.

“I only gained consciousness after you were two years old.

I knew nothing before that.” Xiu gave an answer that surprised Shen Yanxiao.

“Before you were two years old, I was incapable of thought.

After you turned two, I began to realize that I existed in you as a soul.

As for before that, I have no recollection at all.”

Shen Yanxiao bit her lips.

The Seven Star Moon Seal might have been added to her during that five-month period when she was missing.

But no one could tell her what on earth had happened to her during that time period.

Shen Duan then went on, revealing everything he did to the other two brothers.

Shen Feng almost passed out after hearing all the blood-chilling confessions.

In the end, he was mentally and physically exhausted.

Knowing that her grandfather had too much heartache for the day, Shen Yanxiao asked Shen Ling to help Shen Feng back to his room.

She knew the following event was not something Shen Feng could stand.

After that night, there would be no more Shen Duan, Shen Yue, or Shen Yifeng in this world.

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