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Chapter 764: Messed Up (4)

Were those bastards here to help her or to vandalize

Even Ruan Yingzhe didnt ruin any plant in the Vermilion Bird Family.

But those beasts had destroyed the entire back yard!

Shen Yanqiao squinted as she began to mumble something to herself.

Shen Feng noticed that his granddaughter had been constantly mumbling to herself.

Out of curiosity, Shen Feng stepped over, trying to hear what his dear granddaughter was mumbling.

“Three thousand gold coins for the artificial hill, and five hundred gold coins for manpower; one thousand gold coins for the stone table, and two hundred for the movers; fifty gold coins per flower in the garden…”

“Xiaoxiao, what are you talking about” Those numbers confused Shen Feng.

Shen Yanxiao turned around slowly and kept a straight face.

“The bills.”

“The bills”

“The bills that will be given to them to compensate for our losses.” Shen Yanxiao then turned back and continued the counting.

“…” Shen Feng found no words to say to Shen Yanxiaos reply.

Was his granddaughter possessed by a miser

Shen Feng was still doubting this when Shen Yanxiao suddenly went to her room and wrote down four bills.

Qi Cang was ready for a chant to release another magical attack on Qi Xia.

All of a sudden, a piece of paper was pasted on his face.

“Eh.” Qi Cang blinked in confusion.

He tore off the paper and looked around, puzzled as to where this sheet of paper came from.

He then saw Shen Yanxiao quickly pasting the same sheet of paper on the other three Family Heads.

“What is this” Qi Cang read the paper, still baffled.

The next second, he began to pout.

The four Family Heads stopped their mission to devastate their grandsons because everyone was holding a long list of damages and the payment they were required to cough out.

After distributing the bills, Shen Yanxiao came to Shen Fengs side.

The four Family Heads were in straitened circumstances, while Shen Yanxiao remained composed.

“Tomorrow, I will send people to your residence to pick up the gold coins.

Please have the money ready by morning.”

Qi Cang and the others looked at Shen Yanxiao in disbelief and then stared at Shen Feng.

God knew that they had never received such a bill before in their entire life.

“This…” Embarrassed, Yang Qiong looked at the list of losses in the Vermilion Bird Family had suffered.

Suddenly, he seemed to remember he might have “accidentally” broken some things.

However, the total value of those items should be no more than ten thousand gold coins.

Well, considering the wealth of the five families, ten thousand gold coins was nothing.

Shen Yanxiao went on calmly, “The Vermilion Bird Family has just survived from a crisis so we are embarrassingly short of money.

Please do not be cheap with us.”


Qi Cang and the others almost spat out blood.

First of all, the Vermilion Bird Family did not lose much money from this so-called crisis.

Second of all, though they did suffer a small loss, a lean camel was still larger than a horse.

The Vermilion Bird Family should not care about these small losses.

Shen Yanxiao put on a “sincere” look that said, “I am poor, my family is poor, our guards, our servants, and my maids are poor”.

That statement was really hard to swallow for Qi Cang and the other three.

But they did cause some damage to the yard.

That being said…

Compared to the wealth of the Vermilion Bird Family, the losses they suffered was a drop in the bucket.

Why would Shen Yanxiao be so stingy!

Tang Ao browsed his list of flowers and plants.

Even a pebble that was worth one gold coin was on the list.

He looked up to the sky speechlessly.

This girl was even more shameless than those bastards from the Qilin Family!

“It is late.

Time for you to go.

Do not forget about the gold coins tomorrow.” Shen Yanxiao gave an order for the guests to leave.

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