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Chapter 747: Broken Star Palace (1)

The refreshing potion flowed down his throat and into his body.

While he felt the warm energy coursing inside of him, Shen Ling had the urge to cry.

The heavens had truly blessed their Vermilion Bird Family to have given them the opportunity to raise such a great child.

Even though Shen Duan and Shen Yue, those two bastards, had appeared in their family, at least they had the filial Shen Yanxiao.

With the aid of the advanced grade healing potion, Shen Ling and the several bodyguards injuries turned for the better.

At the sight of that, Shen Yanxiao took out another few bottles of magic and vitality potions that would help to replenish their depleted magic and battle aura.

Shen Ling was already somewhat numb as he gulped those bottles of potions.

Even if Shen Yanxiao were to bring out a few more shocking items, he probably wouldnt be too surprised.

Their familys Xiaoxiao was simply a genius among genius!

Shen Yanxiao took care of Shen Feng while Shen Ling and the rest tried to recover their strength as soon as possible.

Even though Shen Fengs condition improved, he had yet to wake up due to his severe injuries.

Shen Yanxiao would stay beside Shen Feng and take care of him, but after her grandfather regained consciousness, she would no longer restrain herself.

Shen Duan had arranged for his men to deliver food everyday in the morning, afternoon and evening.

So, when the guards eventually came, she immediately concealed herself behind the wooden beam on the ceiling.

Even until the guards left, they had not noticed her presence.

Shen Ling felt incomparably agitated when he saw Shen Yanxiao concealing herself in the dark.

When she concealed herself, even he was unable to detect her presence, not to mention those guards who delivered their food.

After the guard left, Shen Yanxiao skillfully jumped down from the beam and landed soundlessly.

“Xiaoxiao, is that the skill of a Warlock” While he gnawed on the stiff steamed bun, he stared at Shen Yanxiao in a trance.

“Erm…” She was momentarily stunned.

She had no idea how to explain her strange abilities.

Plus, she could not just reveal that she was a skilled thief, right Moreover, she clearly remembers that when she stole from the family, she had spared no mercy in stealing his savings for marriage.

If Shen Ling were to know of it, he would definitely give her a beating!

To avoid Shen Ling from asking any further questions, she hastily changed topics.

“Grandfathers condition has more or less stabilized, and it seems he should wake up tomorrow.

Fifth Uncle, how much have you and your team recovered” Shen Yanxiao already had a plan.

After Shen Feng regained consciousness, she would personally deal with those two heartless beasts right before his eyes!

Shen Ling answered.

“We have probably recovered around 60-70%.”

“Thats enough.” Shen Yanxiao smiled.

As long as they had some defensive and mobility ability, she was confident in bringing them out.

Shen Ling did not ask any further and tried to recover his strength as soon as possible.

Shen Yanxiaos arrival had given them the last trace of hope, and they would firmly grasp onto it!

The next day, when the sunlight sprinkled down on Mother Earth.

Shen Ling who had been in a coma for several days finally woke up.

He opened his weary eyes, and what reflected in his eyes was Shen Yanxiaos surprised and pleased face.

“Xiaoxiao…” Shen Feng looked at his granddaughters face in confusion.

He clearly remembered that his two unfilial sons had locked him up in the underground cellar before he lost consciousness, so how did Shen Yanxiao appear here

“Grandfather, its me.” Shen Yanxiaos nose wrinkled as she held back her tears.

She thanked the heavens for pitying her and not seizing her only family member.

“You… Why are you here Hurry and leave, dont stay here any longer.” Shen Feng spoke with great difficulty.

He did not express any joy in meeting with his granddaughter, but instead he was filled with worry.

He wished that she could immediately leave this place and escape as far as possible.

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