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Chapter 741: Master Archer (2)

“Ive already sent someone to get a physician.” Even though Shen Duan was anxious, he did not dare to be rash in front of Ruan Yingzhe.

“En, send some people to investigate.

Who was the one who had such courage to attack my student,” Ruan Yingzhe said as he revealed a taut expression.

“I understand.” Shen Duan pondered for a moment and said, “Yifeng went to the Azure Dragon Family today, could it be Yang Qiong…”

Ruan Yingzhe raised his hand and interrupted him.

“Yang Qiong is no fool.

He clearly knows that Yifeng is my student, so how is he brave enough to harm him Unless he is sick of living, he will never touch a single strand of hair on Yifeng.”

“Then who could it be” Shen Duan revealed a bitter expression.

Shen Yifeng was his only son, and he was also getting on in years.

If Shen Yifeng were to encounter any mishaps, he would be without any descendants!

“This is unclear for the time being.

Send for someone to investigate and get back to me once there is any news.

I will avenge Yifeng,” Ruan Yingzhe said.

“Thank you, Senior Ruan.” Shen Duan hastily gave his thanks.

A short while later, dozens of physicians had beeninvited into the Vermilion Bird Family by the guards and there were also several Advanced Herbalists who waited by the side.

After a blessing was cast, Shen Yifengs complexion slightly recovered, and the physicians immediately started to treat his injuries.

Shen Duan did not hesitate to spend money as he gave the last few bottles of advanced potions in the Vermilion Bird Family to Shen Yifeng.

It could be said that Shen Duan had gone all out to save Shen Yifeng.

After much effort, Shen Yifengs condition finally stabilized but his complexion was still somewhat pale.

“Ugh…” Shen Yifeng woke up in tremendous pain.

He barely managed to open his eyes with great effort to see Shen Duan and Ruan Yingzhe standing by the windows.

“Father… Teacher…”

“Yifeng, youre finally awake.

Tell us what has happened to you for you to be so severely injured” Shen Duan immediately questioned after Shen Yifeng woke up from his coma.

Shen Yifengs head was still dizzy, but there was a portion of his memory that remained extremely clear.

He then hesitatingly answered, “I dont know.

On the way back from the Azure Dragon Family, a mysterious person suddenly appeared.

He is a powerful Archer, at least a second class expert.

I wasnt his opponent and so…”

Shen Yifeng acted in accordance with Shen Yanxiaos previous instructions and narrated the fictional memory of her.

He only remembered that a Master Archer had his sights onto him and after his guards were killed, he had been knocked unconscious soon after.

When he regained consciousness, he was already lying in a pool of blood.

By relying on his last trace of hope, he barely managed to drag his body back.

Shen Duan was both surprised and angry.

When he heard that the culprit who attacked Shen Yifengwas a second class Archer, he could not help but get flustered.

“Senior Ruan, what is your opinion on this matter” A second class expert was not someone of Shen Duans level.

Therefore, he could only pin all his hopes on Ruan Yingzhe.

Ruan Yingzhe furrowed his brows.

“There are only a few people in the Longxuan Empire who went through second class promotion, and Ive not heard of any Great Archers advancing to a second class expert.

Yifeng, are you sure you remembered it correctly Do you still remember the persons appearance”

Shen Yifeng answered.

“He is indeed an Archer and as for his appearance… I did not manage to get a look before he knocked me unconscious.” Shen Yifengs memories had been fabricated by Shen Yanxiao, so how could he possibly remember

Moreover, the reason she told Shen Yifeng to mention an Archer was because she used arrows to attack his guards.

So even if Ruan Yingzhe was suspicious, he would be convinced by that.

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