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Chapter 738: Battle Aura Transfer (2)

“What is the Broken Star Palace” Shen Yanxiao asked.

“The Broken Star Palace is a place where true experts gather.

Originally, I did not know of it until the Vermilion Bird signed a contract with that little bitch.

On that day, my father found me and told me he had a method to allow myself to regain the Family Head position.

He mentioned the Broken Star Palace, and that they possessed powerful strength that everyone dreamed of.

He also heard that they could increase the abilities of others and so, my father brought me to my teacher, and my teacher brought me to the Broken Star Palace.”

“Oh thats right! It was really a magical place and those second class experts rarely seen in the Brilliance Continent were common there.

My teacher said that I can join the Broken Star Palace as long as I kill that little bitch after seizing the Family Head position, release the Vermilion Bird from its contract and hand it over to them.

After doing that, he would help me rise up to a powerful second class expert.

He said he could also allow me to possess the one and only respected position in the Longxuan Empire!” A hideous smile appeared on his face.

He was completely immersed in his own fantasy.

However, what he said had a great impact on Shen Yanxiao.

In that so-called Broken Star Palace, it was full of second class experts

It was terrifying news and what caused her even greater surprise was about Vermilion Bird.

“Vermilion Bird Why do they want him Shen Yanxiao eagerly asked.

However, Shen Yifeng remained silent.

Evidently, he did not know the reason so he was unable to answer her question.

She had obtained too much terrifying information from him.

A place where second class experts gathered, a place that could facilitate a process called Battle Aura Transfer, and a place that had intention to capture her mythical beast…

What kind of organization was the Broken Star Palace

She recalled how fearful Yang Qiong was of the Broken Star Palace back in the Azure Dragon estate.

It was obvious that he knew of their existence and about the power they possess.

Therefore, he had repeatedly tolerated Shen Yifengs arrogance.

“Damn it!” Shen Yanxiao was vexed.

Even though she knew the reason behind Shen Yifengs increase in strength and the origin of Ruan Yingzhe, it was hard to digest after knowing the full picture.

A mysterious yet powerful organization that was unknown to the world.

Ruan Yingzhes promise to Shen Yifeng seemed unimaginable and shocking.

Looking at how confident he was, it definitely meant that he was sure about it.

The Broken Star Palace had far surpassed any other organization she knew of, even the five great aristocratic families were greatly inferior to them.

Shen Yanxiao took a deep breath.

It was no wonder Shen Duan and Shen Yue dared to rebel without fear.

So it turns out, they had powerful backing.

“Where did your father hide Shen Feng” Shen Yanxiao asked the question she was most concerned about.

Shen Yifeng replied almost immediately.

“Grandfather is locked up in the cellar.”


Shen Yanxiao gave him a tight slack.

“Dont call him grandfather! A scum like you is undeserving of being Shen Fengs grandson!”

He was not qualified to call Shen Feng his grandfather!

Shen Yifeng received a tight slap, and a reddish palm mark appeared on his clean face.

But even then, he did not react in the slightest.

“Shen Feng he… how are his injuries” She forcefully restrained her impulse to kill him and tried her best to calm herself down as she asked.

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