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Chapter 733: Crisis Of The Five Families (2)

“That might not be true.

Isnt Shen Yanxiao from the Vermilion Bird Family still in good health She has signed a contract with Vermilion Bird, and she herself is a rare good seedling.

As long as she remains standing, the hope of the Vermilion Bird Family will not be extinguished.” Yang Kai recalled his son casually mentioning Shen Yanxiao, that little girl who used her identity as a Warlock to cause a sensation throughout the entire Longxuan Empire.

Maybe she could save the Vermilion Bird Family from the disaster that befell upon them.

“Sigh, I sincerely do hope that she can hold on.

Else Im afraid that after the Vermilion Bird is completely in their hands, it would be our turn.” Yang Qiong sighed and secretly decided to hold a gathering with the other Family Heads.

The current situation did not allow for their silly feud to continue, otherwise all of them would turn into puppets of a certain organization.

On the other side, Shen Yanxiao had been following behind Shen Yifeng ever since he left the Azure Dragon Familys estate.

Right now, the sky was already slightly dim and the sun had gradually disappeared into the horizon.

Shen Yifeng seemed to be in a good mood, as his footsteps were light.

The two guards by his side were also doing their best to flatter him.

“Young master is really impressive.

That Yang Qiong did not even dare to fart in front of you.

It was really a great showing of your massive influence now, young master!”

“Of course, who doesnt know of our young masters greatness and what the background of our young masters teacher has! Unless that Yang Qiong wishes to court death, how can he do anything other than to sing the tunes of our young master If he displeases our young master, we will return and report it to the teacher and let the Azure Dragon Family keep themselves in check!”

The two guards each continued with their flattery, pushing Shen Yifengs arrogance to the skies.

A strange smile could be seen on his face; even though it looked ugly, it was obvious that he felt proud of himself.

With his status as someone of the younger generation, he had managed to talk to Yang Qiong, the Family Head of the Azure Dragon Family, as equals.

Moreover, he had exerted pressure on them – it was honestly very refreshing and thrilling.

“The Azure Dragon Family is merely this much.

With my teacher here, no one in the Longxuan Empire, be it the Emperor or the other Family Heads dare to be unbridled.” Shen Yifeng complacently smiled.

Along the way, the three of them continued to proceed forward as they avoided the crowded streets and headed towards the slightly deserted alleys.

All of a sudden, Shen Yifeng felt something amiss and turned his head back in doubt.

“Thats weird, why do I feel that someone is following us” Shen Yifeng possessed the strength of a Great Swordsman, so basically almost no one in the Longxuan Empire could avoid his detection.

However, he clearly felt a pair of eyes spying on them, but he could not detect the owner of the eyes.

“There is” The two guards of his followed suit and looked around in all directions.

In the dim alleyway, no other shadows could be seen with the exception of theirs.

“There doesnt seem to be anyone.”

Shen Yifeng furrowed his brows as he began to doubt if he had been too sensitive.

Just as he was about to turn back and move on, two cold, shiny glimmers of silver light suddenly flew towards him.

Out of shock and fear, he immediately dodge to one side.

However, the two glimmers of silver light were not aimed at him.

The instant he dodged, the two glimmers of silver light flew at the speed of lightning and pierced through the two guards that stood rooted on the same spot.

A blood-colored flower then blossomed on both their chest.

Before he could even react to their sudden ambush, they had already stopped breathing as they fell to the ground.

After Shen Yifeng rolled to the side and saw his two guards lying in a pool of blood, he gasped as he stared at the arrows stuck to their chest.

Looking at those arrows, his expression turned grave.

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