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Chapter 728: Now and Then (3)

“It seems like they have made preparations.” Shen Yanxiao sneered.

It was evident that the strange situation in the estate was aimed at her.

They knew that she possessed Vermilion Bird whose perception was very keen, and so they used this move to block his perception.

From the looks of it, they had already made preparations to guard against her if she were to get hold of the news.

“They are really careful.

Shen Yue that idiot would never have thought of this idea.

This is highly likely Shen Duans plan.” She was far away in the Forsaken Land, but Shen Duan had already taken precautions in the event she were to show up.

She did not even have to think to realize that the estate of the Vermilion Bird Family had basically turned into a tigers den.

Shen Duan must be hoping for her to get hold of the news so that she could fall into their trap.

They knew that she was contracted with Vermilion Bird, and yet they still dared to commit such acts.

It was evident that Shen Duan possessed a trick up his sleeves!

Unfortunately, never in his wildest dreams would he expect that other than Vermilion Bird, Shen Yanxiao had another hidden card that no one knew of.

That would be her abilities as a goddess of thievery!

Even if Xiu could not pinpoint Shen Feng and Shen Lings position, Shen Yanxiao would personally sneak into the estate to find out.

With her abilities and the Moonlight Necklace Yun Qi had given her, not to mention an expert of second class promotion, even god-level experts were incapable of detecting her presence.

After she made up her mind, she left the entrance of the estate for the time being.

Now that she had returned, she knew that she could not be impulsive.

Shen Duan had specifically prepared a wide net for her and if she were to mess up, she would then fall into his trap.

Shen Yanxiao hastily left the Vermilion Bird Family and found an inn to rest.

And as soon as the sun sets, she would then sneak into the estate.

As she was still deeply worried about her grandfathers safety, Shen Yanxiao did not have much appetite as she barely managed to fill her stomach.

She then sat near the window and gazed at the bustling streets.

The crowded streets were similar to a tide and Shen Yanxiao indifferently glanced around.

All of a sudden, her eyes locked onto a familiar figure.

On a bustling street, Shen Yifeng in green clothes was walking around accompanied by two guards.

Ever since she left for Saint Laurent Academy, she had never seen Shen Yifeng.

He was supposedly a student of the Swordsman Division, but for some reason, he had not returned for the past six months.

When she saw the current Shen Yifeng, she was rather surprised.

The reason for that was because his demeanor compared to the past was entirely different.

He still had the stereotypical handsome face, but his aura underwent a complete transformation.

Looking from afar, there was no longer that false smile but instead, a cold, chilly aura had replaced it.

He was moving forwards expressionlessly with the accompaniment of two guards and his chilly gaze was not locked on anything.

“Xiu, thats Shen Yifeng” If not for his identical facial features, it was hard for her to associate the current Shen Yifeng who was radiating a sinister aura with the hypocrite in her memory.

“Its him, but hes different from before.

His aura is much stronger now that he has reached the peak of first class, a Great Swordsman.”

Shen Yanxiao was surprised by Xius statement.

Half a year ago, Shen Yifeng was merely an Intermediate Swordsman, so how did he suddenly advance through three tiers to become a Great Swordsman[1]

[1] Intermediate -> Advanced -> Great Swordsman

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