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Chapter 727: Now and Then (2)

“We have to locate grandfather and fifth uncles position.” Even though Shen Yanxiao was furious, she did not lose her reasoning.

After all, nothing was more important than Shen Fengs safety.

Based on the information Luo De got hold of, Shen Feng and Shen Lings whereabouts were basically unknown, but they were suspected to be detained by Shen Duan and Shen Yue.

Thus, her most urgent task at hand was to locate where they were locked up.

Only after finding Shen Feng and rescuing him, could she take care of the two traitors without any reservations.

“Xiu, help me sense where my grandfather and fifth uncle are at.”


Xius perception was keener than Vermilion Bird.

Moreover, he had seen Shen Feng and Shen Ling before.

As such, he naturally knew of their aura so it would not be difficult for him to locate them.

However, a strange thing happened.

Xiu spread his perception and covered the entire estate of the Vermilion Bird Family.

But even then, he was unable to locate Shen Feng and Shen Lings aura.

Furthermore, he was shocked to sense a powerful aura inside.

“Somethings wrong.

Theres a powerful expert stationed inside and from the looks of it, it is very likely he had gone through his second class promotion.

He has also covered the entire area with his aura.

I am unable to locate your grandfather and fifth uncle with his interference.”

“An expert that has gone through second class promotion” Shen Yanxiao was stunned.

A person who had gone through second class promotion was basically someone who reached the peak of their first class and improved themselves even further.

Something like a Great Magus advancing to an Archmagus, a Great Swordsman advancing to a Master Swordsman, a Great Archer advancing to a Master Archer, Great Priest advancing to a Bishop, Great Swordsman advancing to a Master Swordsman, and Great Warlock advancing to a Summoner.

The differences between the two were extremely vast.

If the six professions were the important crossroads of magicians and fighter apprentices, then second class promotion would be the peak existence of the six professions.

Within the entire Longxuan Empire, those who had managed to go through second class professions were figures famous throughout the continent.

For example, Ouyang Huanyu of Saint Laurent Academy was someone who has gone through his second class promotion.

His reputation among the magicians in the Longxuan Empire was unmatched.

Even though the five great aristocratic families were powerful, they relied more on the protection of their guardian mythical beasts.

So far, none of the five families had an expert that had gone through their second class promotion.

However, Xiu had sensed an expert of the second class inside the estate of the Vermilion Bird Family.

That alone surprised her greatly.

She was clear about the abilities of Shen Duan and Shen Yue.

Both of them were cunning but their abilities were rather lacking.

From her memories, they were only of advanced profession standards and Shen Yifeng whom they highly regarded was merely an Intermediate Swordsman but still, there was a considerable gap between him and the second class.

As for Shen Jiayi and Shen Jiawei, those two unruly kids, there was no need to mention them.

If those from the Shen Family were not it, then that expert could only be someone Shen Duan and Shen Yue had invited.

Shen Yanxiao narrowed her eyes.

Luo De previously mentioned that those two bastards had invited an expert as help.

She originally assumed it was an expert at the peak of first class.

However, she did not expect them to have managed to invite someone of second class caliber.

No wonder Shen Feng and Shen Ling had suffered such a devastating defeat.

It seemed like Shen Duan and Shen Yue had expended all their efforts on this rebellion.

Xiu had a powerful perception ability, but as of now, he was still in his soul state.

Moreover, the opponent deliberately covered the entire estate with his aura, making it practically impossible to pinpoint the exact location of Shen Feng and Shen Ling.

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