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Chapter 718: Returning to Saint Laurent Academy (1)

“Rest assured, we will certainly take good care of them.” Qi Xia nodded.

The hope of the entire city now rested on Ye Qing and Yun Qi, and he would never allow Sun Never Sets to fall under his supervision.

“Those existing water sources cannot be used anymore.

The few of you and the mythical beasts are to secretly create a new water source inside several houses.

Remember that every well must have a mythical beast and five high-ranked demons guarding by its side.

We can never allow someone to tamper with them ever again.” The water sources of the city were rather dispersed for the convenience of the citizens in every area and also to prevent any water source from being dried up from constant use.

However, that had instead provided the opportunity for her enemies to tamper with them, which was out of her expectations.

Only until now, did she understand that solely relying on brute strength was insufficient to suppress those greedy people.

After resolving the current crisis, she would definitely adopt some defenses to ensure the safety of Sun Never Sets.

Shen Yanxiao did not have any leadership experience in her previous life and thus, she was lacking in terms on how to manage her city.

But from now on, she would slowly mature to become a true city lord.

“The grains also have to be guarded.

Remember you just have to persist for two days until my return.” Shen Yanxiao secretly made a decision that after that crisis was resolved, she would definitely use the same methods to let Fantasy Devil City have a taste of their own poison!

“Please be careful on the way.” The five of them urged in concern.

Shen Yanxiao nodded and called for Vermilion Bird before leaving the room.

Vermilion Bird transformed into a huge flaming bird and Shen Yanxiao hopped on his back as she carried the somewhat excited Little Phoenix.

High up above the skies, she took a glance at the place where the basic foundation of the city could finally be seen.

It finally hit her – that city was hers.

“Lets go, towards Saint Laurent Academy!”

In these two days, she had to invite both her teachers here!

The lives of thousands of citizens of her city rested on her shoulders!

In Saint Laurent Academy, the academy that had just won the Inter-academy tournament, every single student was walking with their chest puffed out and their nose pointing to the skies.

Because of this years tournament results, Saint Laurent Academys reputation in the Longxuan Empire was at its all time high.

Even before the years enrollment started, there were already people from all over the country flocking to the academy.

However, their purpose was not to join, but to observe the only academy in the Longxuan Empire who still had its Warlock Division.

Almost every single day, there would be a group of weird visitors who formed groups to gather at the Warlock Division to refresh their knowledge of it.

Even though Ouyang Huanyu did not chase these visitors out, he had warned that all these visitors were not allowed to enter the Warlock Division, else they would be immediately kicked out.

These visitors were rather displeased by the fact that they could not enter, but it was still worthwhile to stand outside the gates and see the place of rumors.

Students from various divisions were already accustomed to strangers wandering around their school grounds and as students of the same academy, they did not have much disdain towards Shen Yanxiaos identity as a Warlock.

In any case, Shen Yanxiao was from their academy.

Her victory meant the academys victory.

Since Saint Laurent Academy had won, they would naturally feel prideful as a student here.

Without a doubt, these children who had yet to reach adulthood were still able to change their views towards a persecuted group like the Warlocks.

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