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Chapter 717: Crisis (3)

Soon, dozens of buckets of water and bags of grains were delivered to Shen Yanxiao.

She then immediately used the perception of a Warlock to check every single bucket and bag.

Sure enough, there were large amounts of detrimental potions and corrosive curse present in the buckets of water but fortunately, the bags of grain were clean.

“Someone tampered with our water source.” Shen Yanxiao punched the nearby wall in annoyance.

She had been too careless.

She originally assumed she could suppress the other three factions for a period of time with the presence of eight mythical beasts behind her, but she did not expect for them to use such underhanded means when they didnt dare confront her face to face.

Even without much thought needed, she knew who the culprits were.

It was definitely Fantasy Devil City, without a doubt!

The Seventh Kingdom and God Wind Alliance were not exactly aggressive with their advances from the very beginning, only Geng Di from Fantasy Devil City truly wished for her death and the destruction of her city!

“The current situation doesnt look optimistic.

Even though Jiu Shu and I can temporarily suppress the spread of toxins in their bodies with blessings, it is not a permanent solution.

The most troublesome issue is that the curses corrosive properties will slowly deplete their mental energy and break down their muscles.

If not treated quickly, they would soon turn into cripples.” Yan Yus expression became increasingly pale.

Ever since the start of this strange wide-spread illness, he had continuously moved around the city and the staff in his hands had never once stopped.

Three thousand people have collapsed, and they could only rely on him and Jiu Shu.

From that, it could be seen how heavy their workload was.

“Xiaoxiao, you dont have any solution” Qi Xia looked at Shen Yanxiao.

Even though they knew the reason behind the illness, the crucial part was how to resolve it.

Shen Yanxiao shook her head.

She had just undid the fifth seal yesterday and she originally thought that her powers would improve by leaps and bounds.

However, the removal of the fifth seal had only released her elvish bloodline with not much improvement in her battle aura and magic.

With this, she realized she would not break through the bottleneck anytime soon.

“You suspect the culprits are a Great Herbalist and a Summoner” Yan Yu questioned.

Shen Yanxiao nodded.

Her abilities in both professions had reached the standard of advanced level so for her to be this helpless about the situation, the culprits were definitely existences stronger than her by a notch.

“So, we can only look on helplessly as they turn into cripples” Li Xiaoweis gaze was filled with intolerance.

He could not accept such a result.

“No.” Shen Yanxiao took a deep breath and suddenly stood up.

“I will not let them become cripples.

Even though I am unable to resolve this problem, my teachers can!”

Shen Yanxiaos words caused their eyes to light up.

Thats right, how could they have forgotten Shen Yanxiao still had two teachers who were at the peak of their respective professions!

Ye Qing and Yun Qi!

In terms of herbalism, there was no one within the Brilliance Continent that could rival Ye Qing.

Even though Yun Qi no longer had his power, he still had knowledge of Summoners.

As long as he could identify what curse the opponent had used, Shen Yanxiao would be able to resolve it!

“Qi Xia, Nazhi!” Shen Yanxiao decisively called out.

“Vermilion Bird and I will head towards the academy immediately.

The five of you and Little Feng shall take care of the people here, and when Im absent, remember not to take a single step out of the city.

Since the opponent dares to poison us, they definitely have another trick up their sleeves.

We are currently in the light while the opponent is in the dark, therefore we cannot act rashly! It will take at most two days until I bring my teachers here, so just wait patiently.

I will definitely bring my two teachers back!”

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