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Chapter 712: I Hate the Good-Looks Club (3)

Shen Yanxiao had no idea when she aroused from her deep sleep, the skies were already slightly bright.

She propped up her aching body and sat up, her head started throbbing.

She tried to rub her throbbing temples but when her fingers ran through her hair, a trace of coolness could be felt before a wisp of her hair fell onto her chest.

“…” Shen Yanxiao stared at the hair on her chest and gasped.

She suddenly stood up and rushed to the nearby dresser barefooted.

With her hand tightly grabbing onto the copper mirror, she looked at the reflection in the mirror.

The girl in the mirror had the exact same facial features as her.

Her eyes, mouth and nose looked normal, but…

Why the heck did she have a head full of silver hair!!

Shen Yanxiao was dumbstruck.

She grabbed a handful of her hair and pulled to her eyes.

The silver hair had a beautiful luster, similar to smooth, silky silver threads.

How the heck did she turn into a white-haired girl over a single night!

Okay, its silver, not white…

But what the heck has happened!


Shen Yanxiao sat down on the chair with a gloomy expression as she gazed at the silver hair down her chest.

“It looks nice, but why does it feel so weird” Shen Yanxiao pouted.

Her hair had turned silver, if not for her pair of brown eyes, she would have started wondering if she had reincarnated once again!

Moreover, she had reincarnated to a different race.

“Silver hair… silver hair…” Shen Yanxiao quickly went through all the races in this world that had this characteristic, and the first race that appeared in her mind was…


Rumor has it, in the distant lands of the Lunar Continent, lived a group of beautiful elves.

Regardless of their gender or age, all of them possessed a headful of beautiful silver hair, and it was said that their hair carried the blessing of Mother Earth which granted them the ability to heal.

“Xiu, whats going on” Shen Yanxiao could not accept the fact that she had suddenly turned into an elf.

She tried touching her ears and fortunately, it was still the same.

If her ears suddenly turned pointy, she would probably cry on the spot.

Xiu maintained silence for a moment before he spoke.

“Your seal was very strange.”

“Why do you say that” Shen Yanxiao was shocked.

“When I was undoing the fifth seal, your hair suddenly turned silver and there had been some unusual changes in your body.”

“What changes”

“A seed appeared in your body.”

A seed…


Was it foreboding that she would turn into a vegetable!

“Its not literally a seed, but a soul source that is unique to elves.

Elves naturally will be a seed in their bodies the moment they are born, and following their growth and training, the seed would also experience changes.

It is somewhat similar to battle aura and magic that humans possess.

The soul source stores the natural power that elves possess, similar to the tendons in a human body.” Xiu calmly explained the origins of the seed.

Shen Yanxiao was speechless.

Why the heck would the soul source of an elf be inside her body!

“What the hell” Shen Yanxiao felt like crying.

She did not want to become a vegetable.

She wanted to stay as a normal human!

Xiu was silent for a moment before slowly saying, “Theres a trace of elf blood in your body.

Supposedly, the seal had suppressed the powers brought by your elf blood to make you look human.”

What did you mean by to make me look like a human! Shen Yanxiao was horrified!

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